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    Review: SafeWallet Pro for BlackBerry


    Verdict: A neat solution to an important problem.
    Pros: Well programmed, fits the Zen of Blackberry, very quick
    Cons: Some will prefer a busier interface.
    Price: $24.95
    Overall rating: 4/5

    SBSH is a huge name in the world of Windows Mobile software, and has consistently produced some of the most talked about products that have proved to be genuinely useful for millions of users. Whenever I have received a new Windows Mobile device, the first software titles that I install are iLauncher, PocketBreeze and PhoneWeaver. They are all efficiently programmed and have proved to be rock solid stable for me over the years, so it was with delight that I was informed about the upcoming SafeWallet Pro for Blackberry. I was of course happy to see a Blackberry application being produced by SBSH, but even happier at the prospect at what could follow.

    SafeWalltet Pro is described as follows- “SafeWallet Pro is a highly secured storage application allowing to store various types of information such as: credit cards info, online passwords, bank account info, registration codes, ATM PINs and more! In addition you can create your own card templates for your own custom information!

    SafeWallet uses 256-bit AES encryption, the standard adopted by the U.S. government, along with additional security technologies based on IDF experience, to ensure the safety of your sensitive information in the best possible way!”

    Securing information is not exactly glamorous and adds nothing to the user experience, but it is vital if you are carrying ‘any’ sensitive information on your Blackberry device. Remember that almost all information is sensitive these days with identity theft on the rise, so it pays to secure as many records as you possibly can. It is also important that an application with security in mind does not make the password process too long winded- it needs to work in the background and be as simplistic as possible to work well.

    SafeWallet works with just the one password when you open the application (on PC or Blackberry) and that is it. It also offers a recommendation regarding how strong your password is when you first input it- a simple PIN approach will bring back a ‘weak’ result., so remember that when you first set it up.

    Getting Started

    Installation is as you would expect and running the PC application will enable it for use on the Blackberry when you next synchronise. You can import data from eWallet and FlexWallet so users of alternative applications are catered for. I exported my eWallet database to text and was surprised to see every entry recreated perfectly in SafeWallet on the PC. The desktop application is a three panel effort which displays folders, entries and entry detail from left to right. It looks very basic, but lets the information shine through which is most important. A large database of icons are preloaded to help add some personality and visual organization to proceedings, and the database is big enough to not leave me wanting for relevancy on any of my entries (over 300 in total).

    The PC side is stable and very quick with few frills to get in the way. It may seem disappointing a first if you are into themes and customising the way things look, but for someone who wants organisation and security it is ideal. I also like the way it warns you that it is still running and that it will shut down in 30 seconds if you do not respond.

    The Blackberry application is of course cut down visually, and this works well with the general set up of the operating system. It feels very much like the standard memo application, but with folder support and of course that all important security. Folders are great for me personally because I have so many entries in many disparate groups and this makes organisation much quicker. Smart search is included which allows you to tap a couple of keys to get to an entry. You do have to be in the correct folder which is understandable, but it would be a dream function to type from the front screen and have entries pop up no matter which folder they reside in.

    Adding new cards brings up a range of choices such as Bank Account, Serial Number and Note. It is great to have cards that have pre-made fields, but I do find myself using Note more than any others for bits and pieces of information. It is worth spending time making sure that each entry is categorised correctly though because a long series of notes entries can quickly become confusing.


    It is hard to write a very long review of SafeWallet Pro because it performs a complex productivity task in a simplistic manner. This approach results in an easy to use, stable and highly useable application which deserves a place on anyone’s Blackberry. It is certainly staying on mine.

    More information is available at SBSH who is offering a full 40% discount for 2 weeks off SafeWallet Pro. Just go to this link and use discount code '40sbsh' at checkout.
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    Looks like an awesome program!

    Carpe Diem!!


    Check this out!!! Mobiletropolis

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    Ooh..yes, to say the least. I want!

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    The prob. seem to be cool. Almost like a most have!

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    I have been using and greatly dpending upon a comparable product called [CryptMagic], which also has a client for blackberry and pc w/synch. I am not sure the security differences atm, but I take a closer look in the coming days...

    Thanks for the review!!

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    Arrow sbsh SafeWallet Pro for BlackBerry (w/PC sw also) Ver 1.1 released

    SBSH Mobile Software. has released an update to SafeWallet Pro. For complete details and change log visit SBSH Forums.

    Upgrade is free for existing S/W users, and Non-users who join the forums (free) get a discount off the full price (if I recall it knocks it down to 17.45 or something like that, I purchased mine late last year so I don't recall exactly how much..)

    More so, in the near future they are apparently planning to release atleast 2 new BlackBerry programs (I think in Beta but don't recall). They are trying to show us BB some much needed love :-)

    Plus, as a forum user you have a chance to help change to some extent.. (They have been taking into account issues and suggestions into the releases as they feasibly can!

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