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    Thumbs up Review: Poker Odds Calculator from Mobigloo


    I saw this post here: Poker Odds Calculator and decided to give it a go. I'm somewhat of an avid poker player, and in fact, I play a MUD where poker is one of the ways to earn money. So, knowing I could probably play better if I knew what my odds were, well, I decided to take a chance and try this product out.

    • Up to 8 players can be accounted for
    • Allows you to do a round by round calculation
    • Beautiful interface
    • Pretty easy, and has some very nice shortcuts
    • Pretty fast with calculations
    • Allows randomization of other cards
    • Lack of randomization shortcut
    • Can be a bit messy to navigate at times, having to use the escape key to back out of a box you weren't selecting. I'll elaborate more below.
    • Lack of a automatic randomization
    Now, time for some elaboration. With Mobigloo's Poker Odds Calculator, you can get the odds for up to 8 players, including yourself. In most cases, you won't know your opponent's hands, so you can do a randomization, which I'm assuming bases itself off the remainder of the cards in the virtual deck. If you want to know whether you should call the pot or fold, just hit the space button to calculate your current odds. Below is a screenshot of what one hand looked like with only three players:

    As you can see, I probably should go ahead and call. So, I do. The result?

    Ah... looks like my odds just got better! And so goes the odds from there.

    So, how about the shortcuts? Well, you select a card, then you can either roll the trackball to the suit, or you can press the first letter of the suit name to choose it. For instance, I can either select Hearts with the trackball, or I can press "H" and get the same result. Right after selecting the suit, you get to choose what card you want displayed. Again, it's pretty simple here, too. You roll the trackball over to the card value, or you can press the number on the keypad corresponding to it, or in case of face cards, the letter corresponding to it. 10 can be selected with either a 1 or a T.

    Pretty great pros. But what about the cons? Well, first of all, the lack of a shortcut to automatically randomize other players bothers me. I'd love to be able to select a player and just press a key to randomize it instead of the two-step method, which includes pressing escape, then selecting Randomize player cards. But let's step a bit further towards this. There are absolutely no settings in this program, meaning that you can't just say, "Hey, I want 5 opponents, each with randomized cards!" No, you have to go and randomize each of your opponents manually. Which, don't get me wrong, doesn't take too much time, but it's a bit bothersome to say the least.

    Navigation can be a pain sometimes. When I click on a particular player's box, instead of just highlighting the card, it automatically assumes I want to select a card for that player, and brings up the card selector box. This means that if I want to just select random or clear, I have to hit escape first to back out of it and then move the trackball to the appropriate button. A minor annoyance indeed, but I'm sure several people can side with me on this. If not, then maybe I'm just rather picky.

    So, what are my thoughts about this program? It's good, but it could be better in some aspects. I do support this program 100%, and would recommend any avid poker players out there go out and purchase this program. So, here is the information about where to get this and whatnot...

    Verdict: Know the odds before playing them. Buy it.
    Price: $9.95
    Overall rating: 4.5/5


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    Very nice.
    BlackBerry Rocks!<-Check it out!

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    Hmm, sounds look a good app for most poker players. I say most, instead of avid, because I consider myself an avid poker player, but I can calculate most odds in my head. I'd like this program to double check my calculations but that's about it. Amazing review though!

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    Great review maybe Ill take it to the tables with me in vegas lol. I think they would toss me out after one hand LOL

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    Thank you for doing this review. We can and will definitely implement some of the new features you described:

    - shortcut for the Random function
    - enter the total number of players and set them all to Random

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