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    Review: My Utils software application bundle


    HTML clipboard Review of the My Utils application by aBs JMicro, available in the Pinstack Store

    Verdict: Get it while it’s still on sale
    Pros: Listed by application
    Cons: listed by application
    Price: $12.95 until 03/31/08 then $19.99 after that
    Overall: 3.75 stars out of 5

    This utilities package is currently on sale in the Pinstack Store for $12.95(sale ends 3/31/08) so I decided to give it a try. I posted a thread asking if anyone had tried it and got no response so I figured I would write a review.

    The package consists of the following applications: MyUnits, MyTip, MyExchanges, MyDevice, MyClock, IntlCodes, Holidays, ForwdCalc, CrossCal, and MyFlashlight.

    I am using it on my 8130 Pearl, OS There is a separate .alx file for each application so you can choose which ones to download if you don’t think you want them all. I chose to download them all and play around with them. I will write a review of each application and list pros, cons, and bugs I’ve found in each.

    To purchase these items that are available individually would currently cost $39.78 until 03/31/08. After that the individual prices will add up to $48.90, so either way, purchasing the entire bundle is a significant savings and worth it in my opinion.
    To purchase the entire MyUtils bundle go here:

    Reviews of each utility:

    MyUnits: My Rating: 4.5 out of 5. This application gives you the ability to convert: area, distance, temperature, volume, mass, and even clothing sizes from Imperial to European/Metric units.
    Pros: The conversions are instant, 4 decimal points of precision, so it is very detailed. I found the clothing converter interesting, I know that when I’m shopping even here in the US this will come in handy for imported clothing which does not always have US sizes, and if I travel this would definitely be useful. It gives you the size charts in US-UK-EU-JP for Waist (24”-38”), Collar (14-17), Shirts (Sm34-XL44), Men’s shoes (7-13), Women’s shoes (4-9), Dresses/Blouses (5-14), Children’s Clothing (2-12), and Men’s hats (6-7 ˝). I really like this application!
    Cons: my only con for this app is that the sizes should go a little larger, my son’s feet are already off that chart and he’s only 14 (size 15EEEE shoes)…..but for most people, these sizes would probably be sufficient.

    Link for MyUnits only:

    MyTip: My rating 3 out of 5. This application allows you to calculate and split a bill. Simply enter the amount of the bill, number of people, tax %, and tip% and it splits it for you instantly.
    Pros: Quickly figures amount if your group is evenly dividing the bill. It allows you to pre-set the tax% for your city and your usual tip% so it does not need to be entered every time you use it. It has a tip database covering 111 major cities around the world telling you the typical tip % for that city. This includes restaurant, hotel staff, and even taxi service tip % for many cities. This is helpful to know what is expected when traveling in a new area.
    Cons: It has a bug….when you enter a number in either the Bill amount or Persons field, it automatically puts a number in the other field. For example, put 120 in the Bill amount, it puts a 1 in the Persons field. It won’t let you erase the 1. You can scroll the trackball so the 1 is highlighted and then enter the number of persons, say 4… it splits the bill 41 ways, you have to then hit the delete button to get rid of the unwanted 1. You can work around it, but it’s a nuisance.

    Link to purchase MyTip only:

    MyExchanges: My rating 4 out of 5. This is a simple to use currency converter. You simply go to settings and choose which currencies you wish to convert, the 5 most common are listed (EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CHF), but you can also createcustom entries. Then enter the current exchange rate, your settings will be saved so these figures do not need to be re-entered every time you use the converter. Then simply enter the amount you wish to convert and it calculates it as you enter.
    Pros: It is very simple to use and calculates quickly.
    Cons: None, I found no bugs or other negative issues with this application.

    Link to purchase MyExchanges only:

    MyDevice: My rating 4 out of 5. This is interesting, from its description on the site when it was purchased, I thought it was simply going to tell me the same things as entering alt RACE, or going to the status screen. It does give you much more information that I’ve ever seen anywhere on my device. I can’t however figure the accuracy of the information. The numbers of free memory do not match up between what it says on the status screen on the device and what it says in the MyDevice application but they are fairly close. The same goes with the battery level, there was a 3% difference in what the device said and what the application displayed. In the MyDevice application, there are 6 screens of information. 1. Battery, tells you the battery level, battery temperature, voltage and more. 2. Network, tells network type, signal level, and radio state on or off. 3. Display, Tells screen size in pixels and mentions color screen and double buffered(don’t know what that means). 4. Led & Colors, Polychromatic LED, colors/grey levels, and alpha transparency levels. 5. Memory, Free RAM and Free Flash. 6. Device, gives model number, platform version, and pin….but lacks OS version
    Pros: Gives quick access to a variety of information about the device.
    Cons: The accuracy of the numbers is questionable

    MyDevice not available for individual purchase, only included in bundled package.

    MyClock: My rating 2 out of 5. Has a clock with alarm, stop watch with lap and split timers, and a countdown timer. This application was one of the ones I was really interested in, but it has left me disappointed though. I will get right to my pros and cons on this one.
    Pros: It has a stop watch and countdown timer which will be useful
    Cons: This application has an annoying bug which causes the menus to flash rapidly on the screen, in the stopwatch screen the menu flashes when you hit the menu button and as you scroll the trackball you see the items briefly re-appear, on the other screens the menus strobe flash rapidly, they work but it is annoying. I did un-install and re-install the app to see if that would fix it, but it did not. The clock application is the biggest disappointment. It has an alarm that can be set for various days of the week, has the potential to be useful, but it will not automatically run in the background. You have to set the alarm, leave the clock on the screen, then hit the end key, if you go on auto pilot like me, I’m used to escaping out of everything, then the alarm will not go off. It needs a feature like Viigo has of being able simply move to background on close. Also, the digital clock only displays 24 hour/military time, there is no option to change it to civilian time……big negative for me. Another negative is the size of the application, it is over 500kb, the other 9 applications in the package combined come to about the same amount. It has a variety of analog clock faces to choose from, but I find the hands difficult to see on several of them, they were just too busy.

    Link to purchase MyClock only:

    IntlCodes: My rating 5 out of 5. This is exactly what it appears, a list of calling codes by country. There are 243 countries listed.
    Pros: It is simple to use, simply choose the letter the name of the country begins with and an alphabetical list is brought up with countries beginning with that letter and their calling codes are displayed with the name. I did not verify that all of the codes were correct, but I did check several for accuracy and they matched the online source I used.
    Cons: None

    IntlCodes not available for individual purchase, only included in bundled package.

    Holidays: My rating 4.5 out of 5. This application is another I really like. It has major holidays for 44 different countries and also religious holidays for Catholic, Orthodox, Jewish, and Muslim religions and has an Easter date calculator that will calculate as far as the year 2020.
    Pros: You can easily look up holidays by country or religion. These can also be integrated with the Blackberry calendar. Simply check the holidays you wish to add, hit menu, save to bb calendar, and they are synched.
    Cons: This may turn out to not be a con, but it is something I am unsure of. The dates are only for 2008 and I’m not sure how soon before the new year they will update the application for the following year and if future updates will always be free.

    To purchase Holidays only:

    MyFlashlight: My Rating 3 out of 5. This application used your BB’s screen as a flashlight. It has a flashlight, mirror, disco light, rainbow, and laser light mode.
    Pros: If you are in a very dark area and stuck without a flashlight, this would come in handy. Using my BB’s camera in video mode with the flash set to on gives much more light, but also uses a lot more battery power. So if you need a low energy using light in a hurry this will come in handy. The disco and rainbow modes have no real purpose, but you can briefly amuse yourself with the pretty colors. The laser mode simply turns on the red LED.
    Cons: This application also has the annoying strobe flashing menu issue, still works ok, just a nuisance. The light will only be as bright as your settings in you BB’s main settings for screen display. If you are like me and keep it down to 20-30 for power saving sake, you will need to go to options and change it to 100% to get the most out of it. You also need to change your backlight timeout to the longest time, 2 minutes for me, and then when it goes out, push a button so it will come back on. It would be better if it could just stay on until you turn it off. It would also be nice if you could adjust the brightness settings right in the application instead of having to go to the BB’s main settings to change them back and forth every time you use it. The mirror application I found to be worthless. They do say up front that it varies on different devices. On mine it was no different than just staring at the BB after the backlight has timed out. I tried changing the backlighting as suggested, but it did not change.

    To purchase MyFlashlight only:

    ForwdCalc & CrossCalc: I am unable to give a review on these applications, I have no understanding of what they are used for or how they work. The description on the site says they are forex calculators for professionals. The can calculate cross exchange rates and forward exchange rates for a given number of days. This is way over my head so I can’t give an opinion here. I can tell you though that these do not have the flashing menu bug that some of the other apps have.

    These forex calculators can't be purchased separately, they are included in the bundled package.

    Final Verdict: I’m glad I bought it. I would like to see them address the bugs and some of the things which disappointed me in future updates. I’m definitely glad I bought it at the reduced price. With the bugs it has, it’s not worth the full price in my opinion. Many of these applications in this bundle can be purchased individually, so if you are considering more than one of them and think based on my review it is something you can use, simply add up the total of buying them individually and compare to the current reduced price of the bundle and make your decision. Sale ends 03/31/08.
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    Sorry about the display issues, mods if you want to remove this I will try to fix it. It looked fine before I saved it, I created it in Word, but I guess the fonts are not compatable.

    OK I tried changing it but I'm still getting the [font...] showing in display, any advice would be appreciated, sorry this is my first time doing this.....
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    Nice reviews.

    Format fixed. You may want to add the links

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    Great review. Thanks.
    -- ZJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by hayden View Post
    Nice reviews.

    Format fixed. You may want to add the links
    Thanks Hayden for fixing the formatting, I added more links also.
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