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    Review: Motorola Droid X


    Well, it has been two days of being in possession of that shiny Droid X from 7/15, and I would like to give my own take on the device. The HTC Incredible was my first real dive into the Android world, and was quickly hooked, the Droid X has taken its place.

    On 7/15/2010 at 0400hrs I arrived at my local Verizon Wireless store, kind of disappointed (although triumphant) that I was the only person around to get the new phone. I twiddled my thumbs, played non-sense games on my Incredible, read the newspaper, and chatted with my fiancee. I was the only person around for the phone until 0815hrs.

    By about 0845hrs there were about 50 people in line waiting for the phone, although none of them were as exhausted as I was.

    0900hrs makes its presence known. I'm the first one in the store and within five minutes the sales representative had unboxed my phone, installed the battery, started the boot sequence, and attached the screen protector I purchased as well. I left, thoroughly exhausted and returned home, to have to be at work by 1600hrs.

    As I got home, my first instinct was to plug the phone into the wall, get that battery charged and sleep. I took a several hour nap and by the time I woke up, the battery status had read a full charge.

    Here is where it begins...

    I promptly began setting up my GMail accounts, Facebook, contacts, and tweaking little settings that I prefer. The phone, although being equipped with a 1ghz processor, did indeed feel snappier and more responsive than the previous flagship Incredible was. I was scrolling menus, looking at webpages and in awe of near instant rendering of anything that I was viewing.

    The Android 2.1 operating system that had shipped was not neutered (or enhanced) by a Sense like environment. Instead, the phone gravitates towards a "back to basics" vanilla Android system, with slight differences installed by Motorola.

    I had no intention of disabling any features at this moment or stage of having the phone. I quickly enabled GPS/BT/WiFi and cranked up the display brightness.


    So let's start breaking things down.

    Battery Life: 5 Stars
    I started tinkering with the phone around 1200hrs, and from there to 0000hrs, the phone saw heavy use. I was making phone calls, constantly checking news updates, navigating with Maps, scanning barcodes, taking photographs, hitting WiFi hotspots, you name it and I was doing it.

    The phone seemed hell bent on keeping it's charge. During those 12 hours of abnormal use (I say abnormal, because every phone owner uses a new device alot more than they will once the "new toy" glitter wears off), the battery was clinging on to a 34% battery life, as verified through several apps from the Market.

    Subsequently, in the time after that day, the battery definitely seems to be taking to conditioning. While I'm not using the phone for such heavy intensive use now, at the end of my day, just before my phone is plugged in for charging, the phone hasn't been below 50-60%. Phenomenal.

    Call Quality/Audio: 4 Stars
    Motorola has a definite winner here. Phone calls are crisp, clear and loud. Every person that I had conversation with had told me (when asked) that call audio was perfect, my voice was equally crisp and clear (even outside in the wind) with little to no background noise/wind/buffeting.

    The speakerphone, however is not much different. At times I noticed that speakerphone could sound slightly tinny at full volume (but this seems to be inconsistent). I don't know if this is a mixture of being at maximum volume, a raised voice, or the other phone's audio processing. People remarked that my voice was well received and gave excellent audio. Both the speakerphone and handset speaker are loud at maximum volume.
    Camera Quality/Ease of Use: 4 Stars
    This phone packs another behemoth 8mp camera, capable of recording in 720p high definition. However, it is a little tricky. The camera has different options for what kind of shooting you will be doing. Even the auto feature seems to be in need of tinkering with white balances, iso settings etc. I think I had adjusted to the learning curve of taking photos with the camera. The interface for changing options is easy to navigate and use.

    Video quality is superb. I love the ability to use all three, or just one microphone at a time to take the best audio for the phone. In connecting to my HD tv, the 720p picture is phenomenal. The interface is equally easy to use.

    The dedicated shutter button is a more than welcome addition to the phone.

    Signal Strength: 5 Stars
    The Droid X is constantly giving me superb signal strength, even in places that my BlackBerry and Incredible would struggle to pump out a SMS, or phone call. Equally as much, the signal strength meter seems to be on par with the actual signal reading in the settings menu.

    Screen/Display Quality: 6 Stars (Yes, I know, 1-5 but just read on).
    The screen is a welcome change to the cursed AMOLED screen that HTC can't make enough of. In broad sunlight, the phone is consistently easy to see, read, surf and do whatever on the phone. The main thing that has impressed me and earned a 6 star rating... the graphics rendering.

    The phone ships with a trial of Need for Speed. Oh... My... God... The graphics render at consistent framerates, beautiful speed, vibrant colors... If you buy the phone, you'll see what I mean when you open it.

    That aside, the Droid X has a brilliantly vibrant screen. Colors render with beautiful depth and clarity. And on a numbers side of things, it doesn't have iP4 beat, but in comparing visibility in broad sunlight, this phone is alot easier on the eyes. You won't be disappointed.

    Finish: 5 Stars
    Gone are the tacky gold colors from the original Droid. The Droid X is solidly put together, no creaks, no moving parts (outside of buttons) and the flat black finish surrounding the screen screams ruggedness. Great job Moto!

    The size of the phone seems to be some kind of concern for a lot of people. I do not have large hands and find that this phone fits naturally in my hands. It is especially light weight and the contour from the camera bulge makes the phone snug as a bug in your palm. One hand use is some what tricky, but able to be mastered.

    Ease of Use: 4 Stars
    The integration of the Blur type environment may prove challenging to some people (myself included). While the design is not a pain to use, it does take some getting used to, especially if coming from a vanilla Android system, or another competing smart phone. But your patience will pay off. From unboxing to finally being setup, it's very easy to do. A few wizards and 10 minutes and you are on your way.

    Verdict: This phone is built and engineered extremely well. Whether you are moving from another competing smartphone platform, a feature phone, or coming up from the Droid/Incredible/Evo/etc, this phone will continue to impress and give constant amounts of satisfaction (and bragging rights).
    Pros: Impressive battery life, superb signal strength and call quality, great camera, beautiful screen and phenomenal graphics rendering.
    Cons: The camera is slow at times, and requires you to overcome a learning curve to shoot a great picture the first time, not the 5th time. No known option to port to a completely vanilla Android interface (haven't looked to experiment yet), learning curve for Motorola's additions into the phone.
    Price: w/2yr Contract: $299-$100 Mail in Rebate, or $199 on Verizon Wireless's Website.
    Overall rating: So far in 2010, I will gladly put my name on the line to say this is the best smartphone in production. Buy it, you have thirty days to return it anyway.
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    Thanks man, this is a great review!

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