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    Thumbs up Review: Landscape Tweeting! for iPhone and iPod Touch


    I have been following @freeappalert on twitter for a couple months now. I check their list daily for apps that I want to try out. With the completely overwhelming number of apps in the iTunes App Store, it is so hard to sift through them all and find good apps. And it's easy to drop .99 to $4.99 on apps here and there, but many times they turn out to be no better than many freebies and that can quickly add up to $100s of dollars wasted each year. So unless I can try them for free or they come highly recommended by someone I trust, I am reluctant to buy/try new apps. So when checking the list the other day I saw a twitter app I had not heard of before and since it was free(no longer free though, only was for a day or two) I figured I would give it a spin. It's called Landscape Tweeting! and it has quickly become my favorite twitter client for my iPod Touch!

    Landscape Tweeting! Twitter Landscape Style
    Verdict: Definitely worth the $1.99, especially for those who love landscape mode and seeing things big and clear.
    Pros: Nice UI, tons of options, customizable font sizes and theme colors, post status to facebook and twitter if you wish, support for two twitter accounts, create a focus group for your favorite tweeters and much more.
    Cons: Couple crashes but new version just released seems better, still far fewer crashes than the other twitter apps I have used. No option to get more tweets, can't just tap links from list view, but requires 2-3 taps. In favorites, you can't view profiles or access links, this is the biggest thing I would like fixed.
    Price: $1.99
    Overall Rating: I give it 4 stars, needs a few tweaks, but still a favorite
    Compatible Devices: iPhone or iPod Touch running OS 3.0

    This app can only be used in landscape mode, no portrait mode available. It opens in list view and gives you quick access to your focus group, @replies, and DMs. Tapping the black triangle opens a menu with settings and more. Tap a tweet once to highlight it then easily RT or reply using the icons on the toolbar. Tap the < to the right of each tweet to add that user to your focus group, favorite the tweet, tap any link in the tweet, or access their profile.

    Double tap any tweet to open up full screen mode where you can access links by clicking the link icon on the bottom right, as well as reply, RT, DM, or email the tweet to a friend. You can swipe the screen to the left and right to scroll through the tweets individually in full screen mode and swipe up to return to list view.

    Open a profile and click tweets to easily scroll through that users latest tweets, follow/unfollow, or DM the user.

    You can set whether you send pics to twitpic or yfrog, change the color of the theme(which basically just changes background color and/or font color of tweets in list view), adjust font size, refresh rate and more in settings.

    As an iPod Touch user I love this app, but iPhone users may have some different needs, be sure to check it out on iTunes for the full list of features and see if this might be an app you could use. As mentioned earlier I did experience a couple crashes, but I don't think I've had one since the latest update came out yesterday. There are also way too many features for me to cover them all in this review, like saving tweets and using them for templates(think easy followfriday), multi-language support, trending topics, and so much more.

    There are a couple things I would like to see changed, like the ability to access links from list view and the ability to get more tweets. But the biggest thing I really need to have changes is the limits when viewing favorites. The reason I favorite tweets is so I can easily access that users profile or access an interesting or important link. But in this app, viewing favorites is literally limited to viewing. You can't access links, you can't view the users profile, all you can to is read them. This alone takes a star away for me, the other little things I could deal with, but this is a huge downer for me. Also when viewing a users profile and scrolling through their tweets they are read only, and links can't be accessed.

    Landscape Tweeting! has replaced the free versions of Twitterrific and TwitterFon I had on my front page previously, it is now buddied up with TweetDeck my other favorite twitter app for the iPhone/iPod Touch.
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    Very cool. I'm going to have to check that one out. I'm an avid Tweetie user. Thanks
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