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    Thumbs down Review: Jabra Bluetooth BT 800



    The BT800 is on the larger heavier side with several buttons and controls. It appears to be well made and includes a small display window for caller ID and various command information. It has digital signal processing and noise cancellation and a claimed battery life of 6 hours talk time and 125 hours of standby time. I liked the appearance and though it was heavier than some of the other headsets tested it was not uncomfortable to me. Given its size and weight it would not be one that you would want to wear all day but rather use it when you got a call. If you were wearing it the caller ID function would be of little value unless you have eyes on the side of your head.

    Tests & Methods
    With all headsets my current testing methodology consists of testing it by first pairing it with my PC using a Bluetooth dongle. I record test sounds of me speaking at various ranges and at different background noise levels. Then I pair the unit to a cell phone. Currently the phone I am using is the Blackberry 7100t though I have also used the Blackberry 7250 and the Motorola V3. I intend to add one additional phone with Bluetooth to my testing inventory. Additional testing consists of calling my answering machine using the headset and paired phone and recording my conversation in both quiet and noisy environments. I use a TV set with the volume very high to create my noisy background. I prefer this over white noise as some reviewers use because it is far more challenging for the noise canceling algorithms than white noise that is evenly distributed across the spectrum. The spectrum used by phones for audio is very limited and white noise is likely to create the same sound pressure level at all of those frequencies. With the varying sound in a TV program which often includes dialog, background sounds such as laughter or other street noise the noise canceling has to really work well to extract your voice and not the other voices from the surrounding mix. I finally test calling from my car to both real people and the answering machine. The ultimate test is when I call my wife from a noisy environment. She can not tolerate any distortion and will hang up on me if it is unbearable to her sensitive ears. In the future I will include sound clips from a variety of tests to help you hear what I or the recipient of my calls hears.I will also present my subjective opinion on the quality of the build, its appearance, its comfort and ease of use.


    The sound was fuller than the HS850 but in a noisy environment the noise cancellation algorithm went nuts and garbles your speech beyond recognition. It worked a little better on the 7100t but the called party still complained. The sound I heard was very good and the headset was comfortable to wear. The volume in my ear was very good and I preferred its sound to that of the HS850. The buttons are a bit complex to use but you get used to them pretty quickly.

    Given the poor noise cancellation and other problems I encountered with the unit I can't recommend purchasing this unit. Especially at the price. It is rumored that the unit's firmware will be field upgradeable in the future but nothing on the Jabra web site confirms this. Customer support is one of the major weak points with no response to emails and when you call and get a person they are generally not knowledgeable. Many users have complained about Jabra's customer support so bear this in mind when you make a purchase.
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    Re: Jabra Bluetooth BT 800

    Disclaimer: This is not to contradict Barjohns review. This is another insight or review of another experience with this headset. Keep in mind the following factors when reading a review. You should immerse yourself thoroughly with several different reviews so you can better paint an overall picture whether this item is for you or not.
    • People have different phones that may affect the quality of a headset with it.
    • People have different tolerent levels, noisy background may be perceived differently to another person.
    • Different environments can cause a bias due to different interferences that may be surrounding the reviewer.

    First and foremost, this headset is packed with features unlike most BT headsets out there. With a built-in LCD, you are looking at one of the few headsets out there that does the job real well.

    From DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to call redial from the headset, this headset is definately an eye popper.

    The unit out of the box, you'll notice there are 4 controls:
    1. Answer
    2. Call Cancel
    3. Dial for volume
    4. Button for options menu
    This also comes with the following:
    • USB Charger
    • Wall Charger
    • Belt leather holder

    Right from the start, I'm extremely happy for what they have given me. No extra accessories you need to buy, etc. Maybe a car charger to say the least.

    The size of the BT800 is larger and more clunkier than most headset models, especially in comparison to the Sony Ericsson HBH610.


    First off, as I placed the headset on my ear, it was very comfortable from the start. Unfortunately, the headset felt like it was floating on my ear and was about to fall off. Whenever I tilted my head, the headset would start to dangle, holding for its dear life to my ear. Disappointed, I tried to remedy the problem by adjusting the headset in different positions, unfortunately, I think it depends on your ear structure and size for the headset to truly fit snuggly. Regardless, it did stay on my ear as long as I didn't do some head thrashing.

    As far as features go, this headset has almost completely everything. It has the following:
    • Voice dialing
    • Redial (not only the last number but also from a list of 9 that have called you)
    • Different tones of rings within your headset
    • Mute
    • Configurations for adding more phones to the headset
    • Vibrating headset

    I feel this headset is very well made and handles calls pretty well. I really didn't get much problems speaking to people. They understood me and I understood them with reasonable volume control.


    I must say that in comparison to the HBH610, this headset is performing better. I have used the BT800 for several trips and have gotten a lot of people asking me if that was a phone because I would make a call from it without having to pull out my Blackberry 7520. I have received calls and in conjunction with the vibrate mode on the headset, I can leave the headset in my pocket and know when I am receiving a call. I check the LCD to see who is calling and pick up...all without having to use the phone.

    Obviously, the LCD has some advantages to it. I have never received complaints with regards to sound quality or problems. I have encountered times when I got disconnected but that is due to, most probably, from the phone.

    With many ways to charge this headset, you can't go wrong. As I mentioned above, buy a car charger and you would cover all the ways to charge your headset. As barjon has reviewed above, it does have a remarkable standby and talk time. Not of of the best that is currently out there but enough to ensure that you cover all the talk time your phone can handle.

    From a price point, this is definately a worthy buy. You get everything you need. The things to consider, however, as I mentioned above as well, is the fit of the headset. Many reviews will tell you that the headset is loose and will seem to want to fall off. It was enough of a problem for me that I wanted to buy another headset which I did. I'm always on the go and despite the packed features, I need to have the headset on my ear solid without having to prep myself to catch it from falling off.

    NOTE: There is a known issue with the BLACKBERRY 7520 with this headset. You need to press the answer button 2 to 3 times for it to pick up. As far as outgoing calls, the headset and the BB connects instantly. Just take that consideration before purchasing this. – where Blackberry Professionals Connect!
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    Re: Jabra Bluetooth BT 800

    here's another positive review:

    The user ratings drop there a bit though.
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    Re: Jabra Bluetooth BT 800

    ~~~Posted via Blackberry!~~~

    Help needed!

    I am in a buying mood! I am over my Moto HS820. I want a new BT headset. I will but one within the next two hours. PIN me with advice Please!



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    Re: Review: Jabra Bluetooth BT 800

    I hate my BT800. I've had it for probably 7 months. The battery completely drains after a couple days without use. And even faster if I use it. Total sucks! Sound for ME is just OK. For recipients I've talked to they complained about being able to hear me. Though it's comfortable, it takes some adjusting to get it to sit right on your ear.

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