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    REVIEW: Exgis Expense -- Tracking Expenses on the Go


    This application would have been GOD SENT back in the day when I was an Executive Assistant. I can't tell you how many hours I spent sorting through receipts putting together expense reports. With Exgis Expense you can easily organize daily business expenses by entering them using your BlackBerry device OR your PC/web browser. The application syncs and all expenses will show on both.

    Download your free trial here

    No one looks forward to that sinking feeling of pulling a stack of crumpled receipts from their wallet or suitcase and sitting down to recreate the financial details of a business trip. And from a management perspective, time and energy spent enforcing expense submission deadlines takes away from other profitable business activities.

    create new items on the web; sync with your BlackBerry device

    Exgis provides a mobile software application on your smart phone allowing you to record business and travel expenses as they happen rather than days later. Exgis Expense can help you leverage little gaps of time throughout the day to boost your productivity.

    For example, on a business trip you step out of a taxi and walk into an office tower on your way to a meeting. While on the elevator ride you can quickly record that taxi expense on your mobile smartphone - saving you time when you return to the office.

    Expense transactions recorded on your mobile smart phone are made available in real-time on the corporate server, so expenses are always up to date and available for your company’s finance department. International travelers can take advantage of globalization features, such as daily exchange rates for over 150 currencies.

    You can use pre-defined expense types, or create your own

    You can enter new expenses by client making life easier for accounting

    Create new projects via BlackBerry

    Edit currency and location; adding new currency/location based on your needs.

    Once you return to the office you can access all your expenses, print, and submit for reimbursement in seconds through our Internet website.

    Expand the Exgis Expense solution to your mobile smartphone, log your expenses as soon as you incur them, and drive productivity!

    Download your free trial here
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    Nice. I use this also.

    ~via BB (

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    drool! It would've been perfect if it had only been for free lol...J/k but not really Awesome app.

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    Looks good.

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    if you have a bb with a camera..... can you "scan" your receipts in and associate the images with your expense line item?

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