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    Review: Date Reminder


    Verdict: A neat application that was a bit buggy on the 8700, has a ways to go to be perfect. It is a good start to what could be an awsome app. The developers need to do some more work on this one.
    Pros: You can set lots of alarms, you can group them, they can vibrate, play a tune, or flash the LED. You can even snooze them.
    Cons: You can not play your own tunes you download, only the 8 that come with the program. It is a little buggy and touchy to run. The only repeat option is every year. Interface could be more user friendly
    Price: $19.99 USD
    Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

    The idea for this app is great. My BB, 8700, only give me one alarm. Sure I can set reminders in the calendar and tasks, but I don't. You can set lots of alarms in this app, and even set them in groups, such as birthdays or reminders.
    Generally the alarms are reliable. I had one wake up alarm not go off. I also discovered if you set up the alarm and save it, then leave the app open, basiclly not going back to the home screen, the alarm would not go off. If I went back to the home screen and then back into the program the alarm would go off. I set lots of alarms to test it and only had 1 not work outside of this problem. It was one of the first I set, so it is possible I set it wrong.
    I tried with LED, vibrate, and tunes, and they all worked fine. You have to pick from the 8 tunes that come with it. If the app would let me pick from my own tunes I would be much much happier with it.
    The interface is a little cumbersome. You can not use the enter key to open up an alarm you have set. You have to go into the menu and scroll down to edit (which is the second option). Along the same lines you have to use the menu to change options and uncheck check boxes. You can use the letter key in some places, ie use o to turn the LED off or on.

    Twice I recieved error messages from the app. The first time was this morning with a wake up alarm. My BB was locked and I typed in the password and the little box that says snooze, open, or dismiss was not there. I went into the app to try and turn the alarm off. There was no option, so I deleted it and recieved an error message. The second time was an alarm that did not go off as I was still in the app, so I deleted the alarm and exited the app. The alarm went off at that point and gave me an error message.

    The only repeat option available is repeat every year. This would be great for birthdays and such, but other repeat options would be nice. To get around it you can open the alarm when it goes off and change the date. The downside is if you forget the alarm will not go off next time.

    Overall, the app has potiental to be very great, but seems a little buggy on my 8700. I don't think I will be dishing out the 19.99 to keep it. I am on the 3 day trail. I would be willing to consider it in the future if the developers continued to make it better.
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    Re: Review: Date Reminder

    Good job, Melissa! I could use something like this, but not until it's clean!

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    Re: Review: Date Reminder

    Maybe by the time I get my 8700 this program will be ready for me.

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    Re: Review: Date Reminder

    Melissa, Thanks for the review.

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    Re: Review: Date Reminder

    I can't figure out how to use the address book integration feature. I have a birthday field, but Date Reminder will not pick it up.

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    Question Re: Review: Date Reminder

    I did not like the way this app works, and would like to uninstall it, but it's hanging tenaciously on. I've done a hard reset on my Pearl, and it's STILL there!! Any help? It does not show up on the application list under options>advanced options>applications so I can't delete it from there. (None of my 3rd party apps show up on that list)

    I've taken my phone in to the phone store (AT&T) and they can't figure it out either. Any insight?


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