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    Arrow Review: Consilient Self Directed Training


    Price: $75 USD
    Overall Rating:

    Whenever someone purchases a new electronic device, they feel as if they need to go to ITT Tech and take a class just to learn how to turn the device on, let alone actually use it. The BlackBerry is no different. When a person purchases their first BlackBerry, whether it be for personal or business use, once they turn it on they realize that there is a whole lot more to these machines rather than just pushing numbers and and a talk button.

    That is where the Consilient Self Directed Training Program comes into play. This program picks up where the wireless providers left off and gets more in depth by not only having you read the directions, but rather have an interactive visual and audio tutorial for you on line.

    First make sure that you download the training manual that accompanies the presentation. The first time I went through the presentation, I did not have the manual printed up, and later learned that some of the areas I felt were skipped over, were actually covered in the manual itself. (Yes. I am a man and like all men I don't follow directions/instructions very well).

    When you start the program you will be met by the instructor Jason. After given a short overview of the different lessons that the presentation will cover, it gives a review of the BlackBerry hand held device itself, including the buttons and their functions, they track wheel, escape button, the keyboard, how to charge and how to holster the device.

    After a brief overview of the hand held, you enter Lesson 2, which revolves around the Home screen. It goes on to explain about the what each icon represents and the how to change and edit Profiles (So when you are sitting in the meeting, you don't have your ringer on full blast!).

    Moving on to Lesson 3, messaging is covered. This lesson teaches you how to compose, reply, delete, CC, add other email addresses. It also teaches you about reconciliation...Which is a BIG must learn if you are planning on having your existing POP 3 emails directed to your BlackBerry. Towards the end of the 3rd Lesson, PIN and SMS are talked about. This is another good time to have your training manual with you, for the presentation states what PIN and SMS are, however unless you read in the training manual, you could be a little lost to the significance of these two features.

    When you begin Lesson 4 you are now learning about the Address Book. Here you will learn how to add, delete and edit addresses. This area is pretty self-explanatory, however I believe that one area that should be addressed is the "Filtering" of addresses. I am not sure about other BlackBerry users, however when I first bought my BlackBerry and started using it, I was confused why it seemed that some of my contacts kept "disappearing". It took me 3 days to figure out how to use the "Filter" feature.

    Lesson 5 gives a short overview of the calendar and how to add appointments. Much time isn't spent here (And I don't blame them) because the calendar is a pretty basic application to use. My person opinion thought is that I believe the Calendar Lesson should be integrated with Tasks and Memos, seeing that in a way, they are very similar and can be used hand in hand.

    In Lesson 6 you will learn how to use the actual phone itself. Here it will also explain what the different icons mean when you are on the phone screen. You will also learn how to use call logs, and even goes so far as to explain how to add call logs into your message folders (which I had no idea how to do until I went through this program).

    The next Lesson is regarding the Internet and the browser. It also will explain how to add and edit bookmarks that you wish to save. In my opinion however, I do wish that this lesson would go into a little more detail about the Browser options and settings. This is the main area that your average new BlackBerry user has no idea what anything means. There is really no way to learn what these features do unless you play with them on a trial and error basis.

    The 9th Lesson teaches about the Options. You learn about the configurations in the options area and their significance. This is especially helpful when talking about the Security Options, as that is one of the main applications that pops into someones mind when they hear the word BlackBerry. This is one other area where I personally would like to see a little more in depth explanation given, because even I do not know the complete significance of all the options that are on these things!!!

    Desktop Manager is the focus of Lesson 10. You learn how to connect your device to a computer with DM, how to use the application loader, backup and restore and Intellisync. You will also learn how to set up the reconcile and what tasks will be automatically started once your BlackBerry is connected to the Desktop Manager. This is something that I personally do every day in the event that maybe, just maybe, one day I will have some type of critical error on my device, I won't have to worry about losing hundreds of phone numbers, addresses, emails and contacts.

    Towards the end of the presentation, it explains a few Tips and Tricks and Frequently Asked Questions. This is another instance where you will be lost if you have not printed up the training manual, because that is where those questions are answered.

    Had I found this presentation, I highly doubt that the day that I purchased my BlackBerry I would have spent 4 hours in my office trying to figure out why and how I had gotten it to the point that it was nothing but a spinning hourglass! We all need a little direction sometimes I suppose.

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    Re: REVIEW: Consilient Self Directed Training

    thanks N8D

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