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Verdict: A well built, strong leather case for the BlackBerry 8830 Pros: Will describe below... ... Smartphone Reviews forum

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    Review: CarryMobile Leather Case for BB 8830


    Verdict: A well built, strong leather case for the BlackBerry 8830
    Pros: Will describe below...
    Cons: Absolutely None!
    Price: US $30.00
    Overall rating: 5 out of 5

    First I will say Carrymobile is a company out of Hong Kong. Though halfway across the world just a few days after I ordered this case it was waiting for me in my PO Box.

    Here is the representative I dealt with, minniehui. I figured I would order the case, maybe exchange a few emails back and forth, and that would be that. However, much to my surprise, minnie and I converse nearly everyday. It is great to see how carrymobile will not just sell you a product, they will relate to you and be your friend. Make sure you give minnie a warm welcome, maybe they will offer a great discount for pinstack users.

    I will attach the photos so please just click each attachment to view the case. I will not post any pictures of the Sprint 8830, for obvious legal reasons, I have only attached pics without the phone in the case.

    This is 1 of 3 cases I have ordered for my 8830, the others will receive the review they deserve. I plan to swap between cases unless 1 tickles my fancy more than the others.

    The first part of the case I would like to touch on would be the clip. If you notice in the pics the clip is a regular plastic clip, universal with many cases I sell in my own store. However what first caught my eye was the way the knob that the clip snaps onto fits into the case, it screws in! This is great because I do not want to carry the phone on my side at all times, only when at work and Im all dressed up. When Im off I want to keep the case in my pocket to protect the phone. The knob unscrews and the case becomes flush, so you cant tell a clip fits there!

    The next part of the case that really gets me is the flap that folds over the front of the case. This is good because the phone is totally protected, front and back. When I am using the phone I can fold the flap back and attach the magnet so the flap is not flapping everywhere. When the flap is closed it snaps with the same magnet.

    The stitching is wonderful, it seems like it will last through the wear and tear of everyday use. The stitching is holding together a very fine leather material, has a firm, yet squishy feeling to it. (Get one to know exactly what I mean).

    All buttons are easily accessed through the preforated holes in the case, expecially the keypad, which is exposed, but again protected by the flap.

    I am very excited to have this product by carrymobile, and for the price I can honestly say it compares to more high priced cases I have used.

    Excellent job carrymobile!
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    Re: Review: CarryMobile Leather Case for BB 8830

    Nice review Chris. I like it man
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    Re: Review: CarryMobile Leather Case for BB 8830

    very nice case. Thanks Chris

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    Re: Review: CarryMobile Leather Case for BB 8830

    Now all you need is the 8830 to fill in the case. I'm also waiting for the 8830.

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