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Before I get started on this review, I'll give props to CherriChiodo for finding this ... Smartphone Reviews forum

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    Review: Cacheberry Geocaching Utility


    Before I get started on this review, I'll give props to CherriChiodo for finding this app for me.

    I used to use my Blackberry Pearl constantly for geocaching. had a neat little function built into the Pocket Queries that would put the PQs into MobiPocket eBook format, which allowed you to read cache information in the field. That stopped several months ago, and I've been struggling to replace that hole in my arsenal. I really didn't want to break down and buy a cheap PPC on eBay just for Pocket Queries.

    I finally broke down and tried GeoCache Navigator, which not only provides the Cache info, but also gives you the ability to hunt them with your GPS enabled phone or PDA.

    Cacheberry is more like the MobiPocket files. It doesn't pair up with the internal GPS and allow you to hunt. It simply pulls the PQ information down to your MicroSD card and allows you to access it in the field.

    So GCN is the automatic winner here, right? Not quite. GCN only works if you have a data connection active. If you're like me, thats not good enough. For quick hunts during the week or while running errands on the weekend, thats fine. But what about if I'm on a weekend long roadtrip, or camping out in the national forest and want to grab a few on the hiking trails?

    Thats where Cacheberry comes in. Run your Pocket Query from, download the .GPX files to your MicroSD card, and head on out the door. No data connection required. CB is reading the info from the MicroSD card, too, so you get the added bonus of not clogging up your internal memory.

    You download the PQs to your Berry with the USB cable. The easiest method, I thought, was simply enabling mass storage and then copying the .GPX file to the Card. If you want a utility to help you, there is a CacheberryDesktop utility that can be downloaded from the main site to assist.

    Simple to load, simple to set up, simple to sort thru Caches. Quick to set up. Easy to manipulate and record found caches.
    Stores data on the SD card.

    In order to use this app, you must have a separate handheld GPSr or GCN in order to hunt for the Cache.
    It doesn't like some of the html found on the site. So sometimes the Cache info is slightly garbled.
    Doesn't directly interface with your account. It only emails the "found" cache info to your email address.
    There's no way to search for new Caches "on the fly". If you run a Pocket Query for "Location A" only to change your mind and decide you want to go to "Location B" you won't have any data on the caches in that location.

    Cacheberry is ideal for someone that has been Caching for a while with a separate handheld GPSr, and is used to carrying more than one device. Its also ideal for someone that will be doing a lot of backwoods caching, away from the data connection needed by GCN.

    When I first started testing this app, I thought I would find myself choosing between GCN or CB. The more I use them, the more I think I'm likely to keep them both. I do enough backwoods caching that I will find Cacheberry mighty handy in some places.

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    awesome review LTF!

    I have installed, but haven't had the chance to use either of them...can't wait, prob some time this weekend

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    Excellent review Fu! Definitely worth checking out.
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    ~via BB ( it and it was good although I do wish it were more integrated with the internal gps. Had to switch back and forth between Cacheberry and Google maps. BTW G-maps worked perfectly.

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    Just thought I would add a few comments to this review.
    I have been caching with cacheberry for 2 weekends or so now. I found it an easy app to play with. I was using GPX sonar on an XDA2i along with my Garmin eTrex Vista. I wanted something to work with mY BB as I take that, GPSr and XDA caching.

    I believe that GCN only works on the USA networks so being in the UK that was not really an option. Besides, if you are in a dodgy service area then that can cause problems.

    The search function is good, allowing for all of the usual features.... search by GC, name, person placed, distance from home etc. I found a bug, to do with manual entry of the home co-ords which has been sorted ery quickly after a few emails with the developer.

    As the OP says, someone who is out in the country for a few days and is used to carrying an extra device its great!! It has solved my issues as my phone is always with me. The major plus point for me is the email ability of found caches, a good friend who is a major caching fan is quite jealous of this app. Can't really fault it if you ask me.

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