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Verdict: Durable, compact and lightweight retractable usb cable. Pros: This cable is so convenient you ... Smartphone Reviews forum

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    Review: Boxwave miniSync USB Cable


    Verdict: Durable, compact and lightweight retractable usb cable.

    Pros: This cable is so convenient you can bring it with you anywhere you go. It can fit in your pocket without you knowing its there. The cable retracts each time with such ease, never gets tangled.

    Cons: None.


    Regular Price: $24.95
    Web special: $15.95
    You Save: $9.00 (36%)

    Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

    Winner of Handheld Computing's Top Award!

    "BoxWave's miniSync, an indispensable travel companion for anyone who likes to travel light. ... With handheld battery life being what it is, don't leave home without miniSync." - Handheld Computing Magazine


    Now supports Hi-Speed USB 2.0 data transfers!
    Synchronizes and charges just like the cradle
    Innovative retraction and recoil design
    Extends to 35 inches in length
    Durable, compact, and lightweight
    Not compatible with VersaCharger, Car Charger, Wall Charger, and Battery Adapter for miniSync

    If you value my opinion you will get one of these cables. My only regret is I dont have more of them, in case I forget mine at home I would love to have one at work or in my car.

    I have a generic brand I got from a dollar store and when I compare the two there is no comparison.

    To get the cable out you take the mini usb end in one hand, the other usb end in the other hand and pull both at the same time till it reaches the length you desire. To retract the cable you pull each end apart until it reaches maximum length and it will retract smoothly.

    This goes perfect with my VersaCharger Pro. I carry both of them with me wherever I go so I am never without the ability to sync.

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    Thanks for this info CP

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    Sounds like I might have to get one!
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    ~via BB ( ya I have a retractable cable like that for my great!

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