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    Review: Blackberry Bold Accessory Round Up


    A new Blackberry Bold can cost a ‘lot’ of money and it is currently one of the most expensive smartphones on the market today. In the UK, where I am from, prices range upwards of £580 for an unlocked Bold and so it makes a lot of sense to spent a little extra to increase your usage and more importantly to protect your investment.

    Here is a quick round up of some of the most useful accessories you can buy, and please remember that most of these accessories are available for other Blackberry devices and indeed many other smartphones and PDAs.

    PDair Silicone Case US$10 from PDair

    I don’t tend to carry my smartphones in cases, but on occasion one is necessary to ensure that scratches don’t occur and that a one second mind blip causing a drop does not ruin your entire day. The Bold is not exactly the smallest smartphone on the market and thus it makes sense to look for the smallest case possible. The PDair Silicone Case adds a couple of millimetres to the overall dimensions of the Bold and is designed to cover the sides and the rear of the device. The front is left open for keyboard use, but this is not a huge problem because you are unlikely to drop the phone on it’s front, and if you do the case edging protrudes enough to stop damage in this area.

    Getting even slightly excited about a case is not something I tend to do, but it would be fair to say that this one has impressed me much more than I expected. The design compliments the Bold perfectly and there is little doubt that adequate protection will be afforded to the device for most standard drops and bumps. The Bold slips easily into the case at which point the material feels like it is gripping the edges quite strongly. Most silicone cases I have used in the past feel quite flimsy, but this particular model is built better than most and is somewhat thicker.

    There are cut-outs on the left for the miniUSB, headphone jack, microSD slot and speakers. All other buttons are accessible ‘through’ the case itself- rather than have cut-outs, the buttons are covered by the case with exact copies of the buttons added to the outer lining. This should not work, but it does and I have had no issues so far.

    Conclusion: The attention to detail, price and protection make this a huge bargain.

    Alternatives: PDair makes a full range of silicone cases for Blackberry smartphones, so your particular model should be covered (link)

    Brodit Active holder with car charger and Herbert Richter Banana Global 1 Bundle £50.49 from PDA Hut

    The Bold is more than capable of providing a good quality GPS experience with a number of software options available to get you from A to B. None of this matter though if you are not keeping it charged and in a viewable position while driving. The speakerphone is also extremely clear on the Bold so a full hands free kit is not needed if you only make and receive calls occasionally in the car. PDA Hut sells the Brodit Active Holder which solves the issues mentioned above, and there are some other benefits that willl not be immediately obvious.

    Firstly, let’s take a look at the Banana windscreen mount which is used to secure the Brodit holder to the windscreen (obviously). The best thing I can say about these mounts is that a friend of mine was hit from behind by a van and his car was effectively written off. The entire back end was destroyed, but his PDA was still attached to the windscreen by the Banana mount. Also, I have been using these mounts for years and have never known one to fall off.

    The Banana Mount if quite long though and may be troublesome for drivers of cars with very shallow dashboards, so if you are going for the Brodit holder you may need to go for a smaller mount from PDA Hut. There is a lever embedded in the main stalk to remove the air from the suction cup and I would advise adding a small amount of moisture to the cup for extra grip, but once attached that’s all you need to do.

    There are two adjustable points of which one is circular so you have unlimited options concerning which angle your smartphone can point. Both of these points use screw adjustments so they can be set firm once the desired position is achieved. The Brodit section comes with a cigarette lighter power lead which attaches via the rear, and from the side is a smaller cable which is used to charge the Bold via the miniUSB port. It may sound ungainly, but in practice it works well and at no point will the lead come loose. The Bold sits firmly in position and the final bonus is the ball mount which means that the Bold can be tilted to any position whilst staying firmly in place when required.

    Conclusion: This is not the cheapest of bundles at first glance, but when the separate parts are considered alongside the top quality materials it is good value for anyone who needs smartphone use in a car.

    Alternatives: PDA Hut sells a wide range of car mounts for Blackberry devices. (link)

    PDair Ultra Clear Screen Protector US$12 from PDair

    It is not easy to review a screen protector because it is nothing more than a piece of plastic, but it is an accessory that can do more to protect a smartphone than any other. I tend to recommend Anti-Glare protectors for most smartphones, but the Blackberry devices are amongst the few that work better with the Ultra Clear models due to their superb screen clarity.

    This particular model is sized to perfection and I actually had some trouble installing it. If you do purchase one, make sure that you align it to the ‘very’ top of the device because it reaches the bottom ridge with no room to spare.

    Now that I have it installed it is impossible to know that it is in place. PDair claims that it has 99% transparency and I must say that I agree.

    I wrote a quick guide to installing a screen protector a while back, so this may help the next time to attempt the process-

    Applying a screen protector can be a frustrating, annoying and terrifying experience. You may think I am being too cautious, but it can be extremely difficult to attach a screen protector to a phone without creating air bubbles and getting dust stuck under the protector. You have one chance to attach it correctly because any imperfections will ruin your viewing experience and you will then need to purchase another one. Here is a simple trick that genuinely works and should improve your chances of getting it right the first time.

    Here's How:

    Make sure the bathroom is not already too steamy.

    Run the hot water tap or shower in your bathroom, shut the door, and leave it running for 5 minutes.

    Clean the screen of your smartphone or PDA with a dust free cloth.
    Most screen protectors come with a cloth and a card to help smooth the protector down when attached. Try to remove any grease or dust on the screen. Make sure you do this outside of the bathroom.

    Enter your bathroom and shut the door.

    Follow the instructions that came with the screen protector. Try to read every step for best results. If you are using a Universal Protector, you may need to cut it to the correct size. It is vital that you do not make it too large, because this will render it useless.

    It is better to have a small gap at the edge of the screen than a protector that overlaps the edge.


    You may need to moisten the cloth you are cleaning the screen with to remove all of the dust on the screen. Display screens are notorious for attracting dust, no matter how small they are.

    Please be aware that you will not be wanting to take your smartphone into a room with too much steam present because this can cause damage.

    There is a theory behind this trick in that a bathroom that has a damp atmosphere has less dust in the air, and this should make the installation process a lot easier. You still need to take care when installing the protector, especially with air bubbles, but your chances are greatly improved using this method.

    Conclusion: You can ask little more of a screen protector than for it to protect and be invisible.

    Alternatives: PDair covers every Blackberry model in the screen protector area. (link)

    RIM® BlackBerry Bold 9000 Charging Pod £22.99 from expansys

    I am new to the world of Blackberry smartphone ownership and had no idea that some of the Blackberry models come with clever charging pods on each side. When I found out I simply had to have a RIM Charging Pod!

    In all of my years of smartphone ownership, no accessory had impressed me as much as thing one. It looks great, rather like a soap dish, and compliments the Blackberry Bold design perfectly. Inserting the Bold and removing it is as simple as can be and this has made the Bold much more usable than previously. I tend to spend a lot of time in front of my PC screen and having this option is perfect for the way I work.

    All smartphones should have this ability, but sadly most require cables and various other hassle involving gimmicks to achieve such a simple aim. I guess it gives us Blackberry owners one more reason to be smug though

    Conclusion: I liked it so much I bought another one for work.

    Alternatives: Too many to mention

    So there you have it- my round up of some crucial accessories for the Blackberry Bold. It may seem as though this is an overly positive review and there are two reasons for that- one is that I don’t tend to review accessories that are not good because it takes too long and the second is that this selection is just about all I need to keep my Bold well protected whilst adding some extra usability to my smartphone ownership.
    Shaun McGill
    Blackberry, Symbian, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android etc. etc.
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    ~via 8120 (

    I have that same charging pod for my 8100 and 8120.

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    Its hard not to show off the beauty of blackberry with a rugged case, but when it goes down hard, you'll appreciate it!

    Thanks for the reviews!!!

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    Great reviews, Thanks!

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    i agree on the case! saved my berry from inevitable destruction

    awesome review! thanks!

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    Great Accessories, but I want the BOLD so I can buy them instead of always seeing accessories that I can buy for my BOLD...
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    Thanks for he reviews

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    Nice review!

    Carpe Diem!!


    Check this out!!! Mobiletropolis

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    Thank you for taking the time to share - much appreciated and useful. Raphael

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    Great review, thanks

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    Thumbs up o2 Contract GPRS settings

    Hi Gents,

    I finally got it on o2. Finally months of waiting (my renewal was supposed to be April) so after long wait its here. Alas im on legacy contract (with a number of discounts) where i get unlimited net already. However if im to "upgrade" to blackberry contract... i'd loose them. so £20 extra a month,beside the £99 upgrade charge is not something im looking forward to parting with, every month for 18 months...

    So. challenge im facing with 9000 bold is simple. i cant get GPRS settings for O2 contract in UK right. the same ones used on nokia dont work. and tried it all. (i'd be using opera mini) but no luck.

    Any tips anyone? Im trying to create this connection maybe like with Mobile Windows *#99# something.. to dial the GPRS this thing to the web. or if someone already managed to experience the "eureka" monent. - please let me know.


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