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    The new BlackBerry is smaller, faster with a brighter and higher resolution screen than any past 72xx BlackBerry and only slightly larger than any 71xx BlackBerry. It appears to be well made though I will want a screen protector to make sure the screen doesn't get scratched and a leather holster would be nice. This new BB includes many features users have been asking for. No I should say begging for! Additional Bluetooth profiles to support the address book in in-car systems was key among the requests. It not only works, it works fantastically in a car like the new BMW. It works in the Lexus too but the Lexus system is frankly, inferior. Other users have reported success in other vehicle and in after market add-ons. The clarity of the Bluetooth system has been greatly enhanced as noted by one of the people I spoke to that said before she could always tell when I was in the car or on the speakerphone. On the BMW she thought I was calling from my home land-line. Later when I called her from the Lexus she said I sounded like I was in a tunnel. Noise cancellation and sound quality are a big step up from prior units and I would rate it among the best of the best. Phone reception is also a big improvement over the 7290. I would normally, make you wait to the end of my review to know how I rate a device but in this case I will tell you at the beginning, this is the best Smartphone I have tested bar none and I give it a rating of 9.5 on a 10.0 scale. Why such a high rating when surely it must have some flaws? Because it is the integrated package, i.e. the complete experience that is so nearly perfect. There are a few bugs (very few) and a few features that have not yet been implemented. I will cover these later.

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    Re: BB 8700c Review

    I wonder when they are planning to release the 8700 for T-Mobile customers, because I can't wait!!! Do u know?

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