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    Review: Avvenu 1.2


    Price: Free for Avvenu Basic; Avvenu Plus $3.99 USD/month or $29.99/year
    Overall Rating:


    The newest version of Avvenu is out and ready for use. It is fine tuned with no findable bugs to it yet. I have been using it for a week solid and love it. It appears to be well programmed with previous bugs worked out completely. It is a very small sized application that will run in your computers back round. The user interface from run the program after downloading all the way up to sharing and uploading files is very user friendly. i have read other reviews of the software on several different forums and have seen some problems with the software. After more research I have come to the conclusion that those particular user's had not set-up the program properly, or were not accessing it the right way. All in all this is a excellent program to use for casual computer access on the go, or constant access needed for work related issues. on a scale of 1 to 10 I give Avvenu a 9.5. The only reason it is not a 10 is because there must be something slighlty off in the software that I haven't detected in constant use. No to mention it is a free download.
    Give it a try and post your own reviews. Download the software here: Also feel free to download this users Guide covering the in's and out's of the software. It is a little lenghty but covers everything.[/FONT]

    If you have any questions or comments for me feel free to contact me.
    My pin is: 203C2D33
    Or email me at:

    Have fun!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Reviewed: Avvenu 1.2

    I downloaded this, but quickly deleted it.

    Not completely sure how secure it is. Anyone know?

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    Re: Reviewed: Avvenu 1.2

    I tried it for a day and uninstalled it also.

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