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Here's a quick review of it- Product Name: Ascendo Money for Blackberry Supplied by: Ascendo ... Smartphone Reviews forum

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    Lightbulb Review: Ascendo Money for BlackBerry Bold


    Here's a quick review of it-

    Product Name: Ascendo Money for Blackberry
    Supplied by: Ascendo
    Price: $29.95
    Reviewer: Shaun McGill

    Mobile finance has become a must-have feature on any smartphone that I use, and over the years I must have tried every single PDA and smartphone financial application on the market. Every mobile platform now has at least one banking / finance application available for it, but with varying degrees of quality. Palm has SplashMoney and Ultrasoft Money which are both excellent titles capable of keeping you bang up to date on all financial matters. Windows Mobile has Spb Finance which is as good as the Palm variants above, and Symbian S60 and UIQ have Flying Money Manager which is not the best mobile financial software on the market. To be fair, it is the only proper bank account applications available for Symbian, and the developer is extremely responsive to requests for fixes.

    When I received a Blackberry Bold for review, I needed to test the third party market for finance software and Ascendo Money popped up. The feature list seemed to cover everything I needed and so I installed it to see if it could match the other platforms. I don’t want to give away the end of the review, but within 5 minutes I was positively surprised at the installation process, presentation and sheer power of this application.

    A desktop component is included which makes the process of moving historic transactions much easier, and again the presentation is near perfect. The icons add colour and a bit of fun to proceedings, but the main transactions panel is keep clean and simple to let the detail show through. Following installation, I imported my QIF backup and the pressed the synchronise button- it was all too easy because within minutes I had all of my historic financial data on board and displaying perfectly on the Bold.

    Adding transactions to the Blackberry is speeded up because it remembers categories, expense types and other details from the description alone. When you start typing a description, it also attempts to pre-fill the text for you which helps for reoccurring entries that you input often i.e. ‘ATM’. You can populate categories with specific icons and the flexibility with regards to how the transaction screen is displayed is just about limitless.

    A schedule feature is included to add reoccurring transactions such as direct debits and standing orders, and the reporting is superb. There has been a concerted effort to make this application do complicated things in a simple and efficient manner, and this is best shown with the way the reporting works- in a matter of second you can create a quick overview of how much you are spending and on what. You can set up accounts for banking, savings, credit cards and almost anything else. The entire set up is super quick, stable and for the first time in my life I cannot find an area that could be improved upon.

    I will be keeping the Blackberry Bold, and Ascendo Money is one of the main reasons why.


    Create unlimited number of accounts for credit cards, checking, savings and investments.
    Manage transaction register for each account.
    Record payee, date, amount, category, type, payment method, status memo and a user defined field for each transaction.
    Enter transactions quickly using auto-complete to select payees and default transaction field values.
    Access information intuitively using Roll & ScrollTM to move up and down through transactions and horizontally across fields.
    Set budgets for categories and compare to actual amount spent.
    Split transactions over several categories.
    Schedule recurring transactions.
    Make transfers from one account to another.
    Forecast account balances at future dates.
    Reconcile accounts with bank statements.
    Generate numerous reports and display pie charts and bar graphs of data.


    This is without doubt the best mobile finance applications I have used to date, and I will stick my neck out and say that it is the best application of any type I have used on a mobile device. When software is programmed this well, it offers the opportunity to actually save you money because you can forecast, organise and overview all of your personal and business finances. Simply brilliant!

    Quality- 9
    Ease of use- 10
    Stability- 9
    Value for money- 10
    Total score- 95%
    Shaun McGill
    Blackberry, Symbian, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android etc. etc.
    PIN: 2104EBA8

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    thanks for that, i couldnt get the trial version to work on my bold. shame because i need this type of software.

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    Very nice.

    I've always used Splash Money for my Palm PDAs, but now that I'm making the switch to BB, I've been considering Ascendo, and I think this review puts it on top.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stolt View Post
    thanks for that, i couldnt get the trial version to work on my bold. shame because i need this type of software.
    Hi stolt,

    Please see our online FAQ Page and User Guide for information on installing Ascendo Money on BlackBerry Bold.
    FAQ Page:
    User Guide:

    If you have any problems, please email wallet_support[AT]

    Ascendo Inc.
    Ascendo Applications for BlackBerry Bold
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