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I got the white one off eBay a month or two ago for about $5 ... Smartphone Reviews forum

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    I got the white one off eBay a month or two ago for about $5 including shipping, so it was cheap enough to try without knowing anything about it.

    It fits perfectly and I really loved how protected my device was, but it didn't last long on my device because it made it too hard for me to click the pearl ball... if it was thinner around the trackball it would be really perfect though.

    I guess my thumbs are too soft or something. I will slip it back on now and then. For added protection in dusty areas or outside or for gaming as when I'm gaming my nails tend to slip off the keys a bit and this helps with that a lot, but if I need to use the trackball, it usually has to come back off. Shame because it was 99.9% a perfect and cheap product, but that one percent is something important.

    I'd still recommend picking up one just to have, but for me it really depends on what I'm doing on the blackberry as to how useful or in the way it is. If you have a little callous on the side of your thumb or something, this would really work out best.

    ETA: looking closer at the pics, I think mine is another brand but it's extremely similar... I'd be interested to know if this particular brand with the cross-hatch pattern or whatever that is on the rubber is thinned out around the trackball or not.

    Here's a pic - this one may be more transparent but the black/pink/white colors I had to choose from looked non-transparent in a lot of pics also until I looked closer at more shots and could see they looked different depending on if the phone was in them or not and what color the phone was. Anyways this one has a sort of double-slits in the back that take some sort of plastic belt clip sort of thing, but I never use that. Also the other thing about any case is that if you use one you can't put your phone in the holster that came with it.

    I have opted for every day use a different silicon case that doesn't cover the keys because if I try to go without a case I drop the phone a lot as it's too slippery and doesn't have any shape or something on the sides to hold on to in my hand. Then the key-covering case for special circumstances. Plus I put one of my spare Wii remote straps on it too which has turned out to be really handy.

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