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Okay I just received this case today, came straight from Hong Kong. Its made by ... Smartphone Reviews forum

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    CarryMobile Deluxe Leather Case For BB 8100 (Pearl)


    Okay I just received this case today, came straight from Hong Kong. Its made by a company called CarryMobile.

    Here's my review:
    Product: CarryMobile Deluxe Leather Case Sleeve Type (white)
    Price: $30

    Beautiful white leather with detailed stitching. Inside of case a blue fabric (can't think of a name for it) protects and pads the battery door. Also has a nice plastic covering for the screen, protects yet shows the screen in a crisp manner.

    Design Functionality:
    Let's start out with the case strength. It is made with beautiful and detailed leather stitching all around the case, which seems to be able to withstand the everyday abuse. Very sturdy case. The keypad, side buttons, mute key, USB and headphones jack, and all other important parts are all accessible through the perforated slots on the case. Makes using the phone as simple as if it wasn't in a case. The pearl fits snugly into the case with a latch that buttons shut on the top to keep it secure. This allows for easy access to the phone with a level of protection.
    Now the clip setup. This is a very well designed clip setup. There is a knob that snaps into the clip and then screws onto the case itself. Makes it easy to go from a case that attaches to your side to one that fits in your pocket. Also has 360 rotation.
    Verdict: A beautifully stitched leather case built for the BlackBerry Pearl. Shows that it can withstand the everyday abuse, with the quality of the craftsmanship shown.

    1. CarryMobile is a pleasure to deal with. Shipped the case from Hong Kong in a timely fashion.
    2. Beautifully stitched leather case. Not only looks nice but is sturdy.
    3. Designed for easy access to the phone and its features.
    4. Well thought out clip design. Allows the phone to go from being on your side to in your pocket with ease and comfort.
    5. For the price it seems to be up there with the top brands. Top notch quality with great phone protection. It provides the best bang for the buck, as I like to say.

    Cons: None really. This case is really amazing. Just wish it came in black though but I can't complain I got it free.

    Rating:5 out of 5

    I definetly recommend this case. Its affordable and yet competes with the top brands quality wise. Can't beat that.
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    Re: CarryMobile Deluxe Leather Case For BB 8100 (Pearl)

    Thats exactly how I describe mine. I am very happy to have one of carrymobiles cases. Thanks for the review.

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    Re: CarryMobile Deluxe Leather Case For BB 8100 (Pearl)

    Does it have the sleep/magnet built in?

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