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Originally Posted by mobi900 i had just the same problem but after 10-20 times inserting ... Smartphone Reviews forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by mobi900 View Post
    i had just the same problem but after 10-20 times inserting and removing the card its better now.
    first i thought it had a problem but then ok..
    Strange that it happenned...but then I'm glad it worked out !

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    Quote Originally Posted by delfim View Post
    Hi Stackers,

    Im back to give my opinion on the 9700 after I posted the arrival of the great machine (original thread: ) and after extensive use and abuse in the last few days.

    The BB:

    It manages to be a solidly manufactured BB - no jitters, no creaks, and it feels like a well balanced phone when operated normally - I mean it feels good in your hand:
    Although the keyboard is a lot smaller then the original Bold, it´s comfortable ! My grubby fingers get around it quite easily. The extra height afforded by the space created by the silver horizontal "stripes" have something to do with this, I think.

    The screen resolution and clarity is what BB has done very well lately. It´s a pity it´s smaller than the original Bold.

    The optic sensor is magnificient - that´s all I need to say about this new gadget !!

    The side rubber buttons are good as well - just hard enough not to press accidently, but ok when pressed intentionally.

    The back of the phone (imitation leather grain) is ok for placing it on a smooth surface and not slip - ideal for in car use. For those who put in soft surfaces (chairs, sofa), be careful, because the speaker sound gets muffled a bit !

    Camera - same as the 8900. Clear pictures, and a good "shake" control. The same for the video.

    Sound is great (no news here) with earphones, but not those supplied standard with the BB. I prefer to use by Jabra Bluetooth stereo ones. Speaker volume and clarity is weaker than the original Bold.

    Which leaves me with the OS ( I have the

    Great OS - no glitches, no sudden freezes (not yet anyway) and the only reboots I've done are the ones suggested by the BB after deleting a program (except for another which I´ll explain just now ).
    At the beginning, the reboot took 2 min. 10 secs ( I timed it) which was outstanding as far as BB´s are concerned. Now with only 40Mb of space left on the memory, I´ve timed at 4 min 20. sec. Normal, I would say !

    And the battery ? Wow, it goes on forever !! Must be OS influenced !

    Regarding this point, I tried to charge the BB with the Jabra Charger (same specs), and I really got a fright - the Phone went off completely - DEAD !! That was the ONLY time I did a battery pull, worried that I might have fried the phone. Thankfully it didn´t fry ( I was out of the woods) and since then I´ve charged the phone with the regular OEM and via USB on the PC - no risks here please, no hurting my baby, no-no-no !!! Pheeww...!

    Conclusion: I repeat myself - it´s a great BB !

    If you can get it, by changing plan with service provider, by buying it or whatever, don´t think twice.

    The 9700 ROCKS !


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    this is the best device Ive ever owned
    ​Galaxy S4 Red

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