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    BlackBerry Made Simple Card Videos


    Pros: Fits on a 1 GB MicroSDHC Media Card; Does not kill the battery
    Cons: Price; Pearl Flip, Storm, Bold and earlier models not supported
    Price: $49.99 for just the videos themselves or a 1 GB SanDisk MicroSDHC card preloaded
    Verdict: BlackBerry Training On Your Device

    I was poking around looking for copies of e-books on any new models that have been released (and they haven't yet) and also the e-book "CrackBerry: True Tales of BlackBerry Use And Abuse". I was thinking about buying that when I saw the section titled Card Videos. All it took was one look for me to fork over the $49.99 (there was a discount that expired this morning at 12 AM that lowered the price to around $42) needed to purchase these videos. Prior to that, I had downloaded the sample videos.

    This is a set of around 60 videos that SOMEHOW fit on a 1 GB MicroSDHC card and can be viewed using the media player on your BB (Pearl 8100/10/20/30, Curve 8300/10/20/30/50i, and 8800/20/30). I loaded these on my own 2 GB SanDisk MicroSDHC card and STILL have 1.7 GB out of 1.8 GB available space on my card. Not a memory card hog at ALL!

    The first video is an intro to the rest of the videos and explains how to back out of, pause, and return to the videos, and how to set them in full screen mode (I did this and had an even better viewing of the screen).

    The rest of the videos are split up into lessons about email, themes, calendars, SureType and Multi Tap typing options (if you have a Pearl), keyboard shortcuts (for Pearls and full keyboards), troubleshooting wireless connections, etc. Most videos are around 2 1/2 minutes, some longer, some shorter. Another pro of this is that it is not a battery killer. I watched all of them on my 8100 and when I got done, I had over 80% battery life left.

    If you have walked out of your carrier store, or received a BB via E-Bay, Craigs List, Amazon, etc, and are lost due to the manual (or lack of manual), and want to learn and not be tied to a PC or Mac (yes there are versions to load via Macs), these portable videos are truly learning on the go. These are also good for pro users that want to learn more about their newer phones or want refreshers about something they may have forgotten.

    The nice thing about Macs is that you don't have to bother about having to find someway to access Desktop Manager because there is a command box that will automatically load these onto your media card when your Mac or PC detects your BB has been connected via USB cable.

    I can't wait for the version for the 8220 Flip.
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