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So I wanted to post this review since I used to have an InvisibleShield on ... Smartphone Reviews forum

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    So I wanted to post this review since I used to have an InvisibleShield on my 8800 and I ordered one for my 8900 but after a month it got returned to sender and they emailed me and I told them to credit my card back for it so yea ordered a BSE.

    Application on either of these 2 products is NOT fun, took me like 2 hours to apply the skin. The reason for this is because you have to wet each piece with soapy water before applying so that you can move it around to get a perfect fit as well as make sure no dust or fingerprints show on the underneath.

    The 8900 skin comes in 12 pieces. Screen, 2 sides, top front, top back, back cover, bottom front, bottom back, and then all 4 buttons on the front.

    As of now the skin looks like an orange peel but from what I have read in other reviews, that goes away within a few days as everything tightens.

    You have to keep the phone out of a case/holster for 24 hours so that the friction of the holster against the phone won't peel off(The skin takes 24 hours to fully set in and stick.

    The skin is cut pretty nicely, although my cut was a bit smaller on the back cover and the bottom so it doesn't 100% cover the phone but I would say a good 95%.

    With the cut, they kinda cheap out and instead of making just holes for the openings(headphone jack, USB port, side buttons, and camera lens) the cut is just sliced and on one side of each of these there is a bit of the phone exposed. Not a big deal but would have been nice.

    The application instructions on their site are easy to follow and on other devices such as the Storm or iPhone it may be easier to apply the skin.

    The skin changes the texture of the device which is a nice change, very easy to grip now. Although when using the trackball you can feel the edge of the skin that's on the BB key and Back key. Not a huge turn off but may be even worse on say the Pearl Flip 8220. I will update this when I install a skin on my GF's 8220.

    Best of all, the skin only costs 7.99(8900 at least) which is amazing for a nice protection.

    Overall, for the price and installation not being too difficult, I am very happy with my purchase. Although the skin may not be "Military Grade" and "Ultra durable" like Zagg says their skin is, for the price I can buy 3 BSE skins and not have to wait a month if I use their free shipping. I ordered my BSE skin on 03/12/2009 and it was in the mailbox today. I ordered my Zagg skin back on 02/15/2009 and got an email back on 03/11/2009 saying it was returned to sender(using their free shipping).

    When I was applying this skin I didn't see anything harder or easier about doing so than an InivisibleShield. I will deffinitely be purchasing all my skins from BSE from now on and installation will just get easier.

    I hope this review helps anyone that is on the fence about which skin to order.

    As in the words of Katt Williams: "PIMP Out!"

    EDIT: I will try to post some pics tomorrow as the GF is working overnight and she has the other BB on her
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    I love BSE ive used them on my 8300, 8100, 8310, 8320, and now my new bold but mainly now i just buy the 2 pack screens and then i use the seidio Innocases to cover up my BB for drops and i tell u what my 8300 was saved from concrete with the Screen cover and the Case combined it was like a air bag deployed and not one scratch on the screen or the BB

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    I got mine in too but patiently waiting for the black bezel and battery cover to come in.
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    Just installed my BSE over the weekend too. I don't like the look of their screen cover so I use the JAVOedge one which is a perfect fit with the BSE and my black bezel =)

    thanks for the review!

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    hmmm i might juust buy skins now
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    Thumbs up

    Have had Zagg on 2 BB's and BSE on my last two. Never noticed any difference between quality of the products. I have had great shipping experience with BSE and have also had to get in touch with Zagg over missing skins in the mail. BSE is the way to go in my books. A squeegee and spray bottle is not worth the extra $16.96 for a full body. Great post.

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    Well I decided to just put it on my battery cover for now. Looks good although i did get a little dirt on the bb symbol Pretty easy installation, i kinda used a blowdryer to speed up the process. The only thing so far is that when i put on the battery cover i can feel the edge of it like if I rub my finger, feels like its going to come off. But good for the price.
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    Thank you. However, got Invisible Shield on my phone already.
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    I have Zaggs on my iPhone and MacBook. Just bought and installed BSE for my 8900. I'd say it's easier to install and fit is almost perfect. Similar feel and texture with Zagg's.

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    I've had BSE on two devices for about a month or so. Provides pretty good protection. I'd recommend it.
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