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    Antair RE:mind review (to-do list software for BlackBerryOS).


    Everybody has stuff to do, and effective people tend to be the best at finding ways to get things done correctly at the right time. Everyone needs help in this regard.

    Antair RE:mind worked well to fill those needs, and then some.

    RE:mind works to provide an enhanced task management experience. Through the use of integrated pop-ups and/or email reminders, this piece of software does EXACTLY what it promises to.

    RE:mind doesn't carry the largest footprint, but don't let the size fool you. It has a clean, professional interface.

    The beauty of RE:mind is in its effectiveness... its simple complexity. It's relatively small, but exceedingly vibrant. With it's ability to incorporate itself into BlackBerry menu, it becomes not just useful, but close to indispensable.

    After installation, the user has the ability to add quick reminders from the email and call menus. In other words, if you get an email that requires a response or call, toggling the BlackBerry menu gives one the new option of adding the selected message or contact to RE:mind.

    For folks that needed additional detail, you have the option of adding notes to your reminders.

    Since I am a heavy smartphone user, pop-ups are big to me. I am a big fan of pop-ups; if a task is important enough to remember, I want that reminder to truly POP. RE:mind gives the option of being reminded by email or pop-up. I discovered you can pad the pop-ups with sound, or you can add a discrete buzz for times you're in a meeting or your kid's piano recital. Better yet, you can set a reminder with both email and vibration.

    As I hinted at earlier, I was drawn in with the way it seamlessly plugged it's way into my device. When I decided to set a reminder to call someone from my device, this program pulled the relevant information from the original communication, and I was able to call directly from the program.

    Conveniently Nifty. Niftily convenient. Simply awesome.

    Most non-touchscreen BlackBerry devices are supported, and ports for iPhone and Android are in the works. Customer service is phenomenal.

    All in all, I was blown away by Antair RE:mind. Give this product a try. When you decide you want it (you will), pick it up and try their spam filter, auto-responder and call screener at Antair. All titles have trials.

    Try code JRMWSM for a discount (short time only) off of Screener, and EGGWHITES for Spam Filter.

    You can also follow Antair on Twitter.
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