Hey folks, I have a BB 8700c, and I am looking to trade it for a Nokia E62 or Blackberry Pearl. The 8700c is fantastic, one of the best phones I have ever owned. It is in perfect cosmetic and mechanical condition. I have had a "total body skin" from BestSkinsEver.com since the week I bought it. The only thing is that there is some dust particles that have gotten under the screen. As with everything, you can't notice it when the screen is illuminate. I have heard that it is easy to take the BB apart to clean it, but I've always been to cautious to do so. My 8700 comes with the battery, the original box, manuals, cables,CD's holster and handsfree earpiece.

Just a couple notes, I live in Maryland, and would PREFER to trade in person. Reason being is I had a bad experience selling an ibook this past winter, but I would drone on with the details. This is also not "unlocked" to be used on other carriers, so you must have an active Cingular or AT&T Sim card to use! Thanks.