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Originally Posted by Matt25 I said good luck with the sale because you said you ... PinStack Marketplace forum

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    Members wasting my time!!


    Quote Originally Posted by Matt25 View Post
    I said good luck with the sale because you said you were posting on eBay, and still have yet to receive an email from you.

    "Ok, so then?" means are you interested in selling the item if you are paid first (like you are supposed to be, you are correct.)

    Tell ya what, email me at "", it won't go into a spam folder and we can talk there.

    What is wrong with people and making the selling of a Blackberry so difficult???!!!

    This member says he wants to purchase it and for me to contact him via email, 10 emails later and tons of pics and info repeated that was listed when I posted about the email he wants me to drop the price!!!

    WTF??? The Blackberry is very cheap and it was posted with the shipping extra! You then say you buy and sell all the time and the shipping is about $10!!!! After I tell you that I am a student and looking for money you try and take advantage of me with more emails and then finally saying for me to sell it cheaper or no deal!!

    Thanks for wasting my time MATT25 and I recommend to any other members to be cautious with this member and he may toy with you like he did me!!!

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    Thread Closed. Item to be posted on Ebay.

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