Item :Brand New Blackberry Pearl for AT&T Wireless!!!!
Price :$250.00 includes shipping nationally.
Currency :USD
Condition : 10/10
Includes :Handset, Battery, Charger, Desktop Manager, USB Cable, , Blackberry Pearl Leather Pocket,Seidio Unskinned Holster, Seidio Crystal Hard Case, Fortte blackberry 8100 Pearl Open Face with 360 swivel clip, Blackberry Pearl Body Glove case with holster.

Selling Details This phone is brand new just received it from AT&T on August 18, 2007!!!
Location :Cleveland, Ohio
Willing to Ship :Nationally
Payment Methods : PayPal
Contact or Pin:2061BA3A

Notes Email me for Pictures!!. I take exceptional care of my pearl. I have big hands and needed something with a qwerty keyboard. Thank You