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    Smile WTB - Blackberry Pearl (8100) - Internal Microphone w/Boot Assembly


    If isn't one thing, it's always the other. I just replaced the LCD on my 'out-of-warranty' Pearl and while I had the rear-casing on my desk somehow a piece of metal on the microphone assembly attached to my mouse pad and ripped apart my microphone.

    Good thing is, my LCD works like a charm. Bad thing is, now noone can hear me at all. So from fixing one thing, I've broken something else..

    If you happen to have a broken Pearl and wouldn't mind selling this part to me, I'd appreciate it. The boot assembly can be detached from the rear casing. I would be willing to buy either the rear-casing with the microphone boot assembly or just the microphone boot assembly by itself.

    I've attached some pictures as to what it looks like, the microphone boot assembly is extremely delicate as I've found out and the microphone can break fairly easily.

    This is the Microphone boot assembly by itself

    This is the rear casing. The microphone boot assembly attaches on the 'right' image on the bottom left.

    Please send me a PM if you are interested or if you know of a website that offers this for a reasonable price.



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    I think I might be able to help you with that- have to check....

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