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Originally Posted by maz94protege ~via BB ( those b@$tards! Hate ignorant ppl. Give the seller ... PinStack Marketplace forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by maz94protege View Post
    ~via BB ( those b@$tards!

    Hate ignorant ppl. Give the seller horrible feedback. I always look for bidders/buyers with 100% positive feedback.
    i agree use the feedback button... PLEASE! but unfortunately, this dude is probably long gone, go check back and i'm sure the username is deleted.

    Quote Originally Posted by archer6 View Post
    I agree. However in my experience the days of reliable commerce on ebay are over. I have noticed a distinct lack of concern for the user on ebays part. The sense of urgency & intervention that was once a hallmark of ebay appears to be over. I now use craigslist.
    same, same ... at least with CL, i can meet the person and check the item before purchasing...

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    thank you for sharing your experience with us. im currently looking for a blackberry so this is good to know.

    thank you and good luck.
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    I don't think issues like this generally has to do with indecent merchants. Society as a whole has a lot of bad apples in it and wouldn't make the assumtion that eBay is bad in general for a couple bad experiences. I think it has to do with a lot of people not taking responsibility for their actions. Corporate america protects the ignorant and makes the merchant pay for it. I have had a lot of encounters with people who buy impulsively and without proper knowledge of what they're purchasing. I think both eBay and Paypal cater greatly to protecting these types of people. Not saying that this is the case in this situation. But I think it goes both ways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer6 View Post
    I now use craigslist.
    same here i keep it local it doesn't cost anything and i get to actually try the product before purchasing it
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