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So I called vzw customer support as instructed by a free blackberry unlock Wiki I ... PinStack Marketplace forum

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    Storm2 Unlock


    So I called vzw customer support as instructed by a free blackberry unlock Wiki I had read, and as soon as I mentioned I was looking for and MEP unlock code I was put on hold for 10 minutes. I had been referred to a "manager" who started asking me all sorts of questions about why I wanted to unlock my phone. I told him I would be traveling and he went on a spiel about how verizon offers international coverage through partnerships with foreign networks yada yada and I told him I was familiar with their price gouging and that I would like an unlock code not a sales pitch. Needless to say I was put on hold again this time indefinitely. I hung up after 15 minutes. Thanks big red. A quick google search landed me at
    I shelled out 20 bucks and had an unlocked Storm2 10 minutes later

    money well spent.

    now I just have to find out how to get all my services working on a foreign sim. SMS MMS etc. any tips?

    Thanks in Advance!
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    Maybe another quick google search would get the job done

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    This link was created for the original storm should be pretty close the the same on the storm 2
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    I have been looking to buy a storm phone; either the first version or the storm2. But I dont want to pay a lot of money. Is there anyone out there that know, where I can get a storm or storm2 in a reasonable price? please let me know.
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