Hello everyone.

Didn't see the section that used to be here that was for "BlackBerry Related Jobs", so figured we would put it here instead.

We are launching a new radio station, and we are looking for a few personalities who would be interested in being involved in it.

The idea is to have a "BlackBerry Minute" type segment that would broadcast 3x a day at specific times throughout the rotation. A little 5 minute news brief on what's new, opinions, ideas, etc.

There is also the possibility of having a "weekly BlackBerry show" that would allow live callers as well.

This is currently in BETA and we are looking to take it live somewhere around the mid/end of February.

There are also possibilities of other categories other than BlackBerry including, yet not limited to:
Wireless devices in general
Technology (MAC/PC's/etc)

However, BlackBerry accounts for the vast majority of our user-base, so that is where the most emphasis will be put.

Please contact tuneusinllc@gmail.com if you are interested or if this sparks your interest for additional details.

Thank you!