Simply use ProxyComm as a way to never miss a call and get your calls no matter where you are. You can think of tons of uses with your ProxyComm number. *You can have up to 4 phones ring simultaneously*so you never miss that important phone call. *We have all been in this situation waitng for an important phone call and miss that call because we were tied up with something else such as watching your kids baseball game and spending time with your family. *Imagine you are waiting to hear from someone with very important news on the health status of a loved one, job that you applied for, or a potential client. *You can be where ever and be doing what ere and you will never miss that phone call. *ProxyComm can help you manage and free up *more time for you so you take care of other important things in life while you are waiting for that phone call. *So if you are searching for ways to help manage your time, ProxyComm can help. *Discover how ProxyComm can benefit you and your family with the boatload of amazing features that you will find are very useful.
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Also includes inum for online calling and an iphone app the uses data, wifi to make calls on your data plan not you minutes. Don't be caught without proxycomm. Unlimited 800#'s also available.
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