AT&T Branded Blackberry 9000 Bold UNLOCKED!!! $ 400.00
Phone, Boxes all materials, additional 1 gig memory card, Leather Case
Includes Unlock Codes, All Paraphanalia included with Bold all accessories ect
No Scratches, bangs, dents to Phone or Screen-is in NEW CONDITION Original Software, No Mods Made
Moving abroad to England-
****Will also throw in a Smart UPS 1400 by APCC, this is a Uninteruptible Power Supply, in other words, if your power goes down, you have power to the device, it is a line connditioner, power conditioner as well, it eliminates Brown Outs and Surges, ultimate Power Protection. They sell for around $500.00 included to the above for no extra fee
Cash and Carry, the accesssories to the phone and manuals have never been opened! Columbus, Ohio
Please no Checks, Pay Pal, ect Chase Cashier Check local or Cash Only