ALL proceeds will go towards the purchase of a new firewall for Pinstack in light of the recent attacks and hacks that we have undergone.

I will pay for shipping out my pocket for these items to be sent within the Continental US.

ALL money that is made will be directly added to the Pinstack Firewall Fund.

*1 Key Pass for BBSpell for 1 year ($35 value!)

*3 free movie passes to Regal Cinemas, good for matinee or evening show. No restrictions. 1 is a VIP Pass and 2 are Re-Admission Passes (Up to a $25 value!)

*Stock Plastic US Issued holster for 8700 series Blackberry.

Please let me know if any of these items interest you. Again, all these proceeds will go to the P.S.F.W.F. and I will be pocketing none of this money, so by purchasing these items, you are helping the site that so many of us love.