Price: Want to Trade for Palm Pre/ Touch Pro 2/ Possibly HTC Hero. Also would accept: $350
Color: Black/Silver
Included: Box, Manual, Wall Charger, Desktop Cradle, USB Cable, Car Charger, Spring Clip Holster, and Pouch.
Blackberry Build Date: Sept. 7th 2009
Used/Tested Networks: Used/Clean ESN/Sprint Network
Condition: Used, with scratching on silver bezel.

Location: Cheyenne WY
Shipping: USPS Priority Flate Rate W/Delivery Confirmation
Payment: Paypal

Additional Details: This is a good working Blackberry Tour. The only cosmetic damage is the silver on the bezel is rubbing off, not sure what this is due to. I have a black bezel on order that will be included with the sale/trade. This is currently my only device, if you cannot ship first, we will have to work something else out.
As stated I am first looking to trade for a Palm Pre. I will entertain other offers though.
I would prefer a Palm Pre in good condition, not a refurb. And one that already has the Touchstone and back included.
If you have a Pre in good shape with all included items + Touchstone I would do a straight across trade. If you are missing some of these items or without a Touchstone, I would like some cash on your end. The Tour seems to go for a bit more on eBay is the reason I am asking for some cash on your end.
Again, this is currently the only device I have. If you have a really sweet deal that requires me to ship first, I MIGHT be able to obtain another phone for a few days to ship out frist.

Also have feedback on under the same username.