Well, I am new to this forum so I don't quite know exactly how to go about a transaction like this, but here goes. I have a brand new, never used BlackBerry world edition that I will take best offer for, but I would preferably like to trade for a Bluetooth puck for my flipberry. I might consider other trades as well. The problem is, I don't have a paypal account (and I don't want one), so idk how we would go about a sale or a trade in such a manner that no one gets ripped off. I don't anticipate a local buyer, as I am in Westerly, RI and I've had no interest locally on Craigslist, so any input from others who aren't interested in the item on how to conduct the transaction would be helpful. If there is interest, I will post or send pictures, with a personalized 'salute' if requested. I will provide contact information, and if it helps to boost my trustworthiness, I can send a copy of my business license as I sold my wireless store in 2008. Any input or offers are welcome by reply, PM, or email. Thanks!

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