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Just for this weekend! From April 4th to April 6th, International Blackberry Unlocking for $40 ... PinStack Marketplace forum

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    Just for this weekend! From April 4th to April 6th, International Blackberry Unlocking for $40 (save $8) and you will receive your unlock code within one week (normally up to 3 weeks wait time)!

    All customers will be entered into my new promotion which I will reveal at the start of next week.

    Current donation for $5

    As well, it appears T-Mobile USA 8320 Blackberrys are unavailable through the alternate server. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

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    with Sidekick 2,3 lock by T-mobile, have you got it ??? Price?? How long time to get it ???

    Thank !!!!
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    Unlock codes for all Blackberrys available.

    5 years ago, I began unlocking phones to enjoy exotic phones not available in Canada and the United States. Slowly but surely family and friends wanted to get their hands on the newest phones so I used my knowledge to help them unlock phones that they picked up on their travels. As well, they found it useful to use their regular phones while travelling while avoiding the enormous roaming fees. Word spread and my hobby began. Most of us in the States are lucky enough to be able to obtain this service for free if our cellular network account is in good standing but the rest of the world still has to pay. Below is Hayden's directions on attempting to get the unlock code for free. Followed by my price list. This is my hobby so I keep the price as low possible to try and make unlocking affordable for everyone!

    Quote Originally Posted by hayden View Post
    If purchased with a plan try the free route first:

    Call your carrier's Intl customer service number. Let them know that you will be traveling and need to roam using another SIM on prepaid. They will ask you for your Blackberry's IMEI and then give you the unlock code. In some cases you may need to have international roaming already on your account.
    As well, for every unlock code purchased, I'll be giving back $1 back to the forums! So get fast service and support your forums!

    Current donation amount raised for $8.

    Unless otherwise stated, codes take between 6 hours and up to 72 hours to be delivered. Here are the fastest times from last month.

    20 hours & 6 minutes

    T-Mobile USA
    27 hours & 1 minute

    Vodafone UK Nokia
    45 hours & 15 minutes

    Here is a sample of the most popular networks (message me if you do not see your network):
    Cingular $15.50 (11€)
    Fido/Rogers/Vodafone UK $23 (16€)
    T-Mobile USA/3 UK $25 (17.50€)
    International Blackberry $45 (32€)

    French networks $15 - $35, Spanish networks $25 - $45.
    International Blackberry $45 (up to 3 weeks wait time on International BB codes)

    Currently accept payment through Paypal, Interac EMT or in person in the Toronto area.

    Discounts available for bulk orders.

    Congratulations to cjcarbone! The winner of the AT&T category promotion. My next promotion is as follows:

    From April to June, the user whose phone gets unlocked the fastest and beats the current times from each of my major North American services, will receive their unlock code for free. The second fastest time that also beats March's times, will be refunded 50% of the cost.

    For users of my International services, I will refund 50% of the cost to the winner.

    There must be at least 5 codes purchased (from at least 3 different users) within the time frame (from each category) and there will be winners for:

    3 UK
    Vodafone UK

    Winning times and usernames will be bi-weekly.
    Stay tuned for a special prize announcement at the end of June.
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