Well its time to let her go. I cant afford the extra $30 anymore and wont be able to any time soon as those $30 buys diapers and baby stuff which I need way more then a data plan.

Good condition, however the plastic screen does have a crack. My baby dropped a remote on it . I have a new one but havent put it on. I will leave that up to the new owner to do. Again this the plactic screen NOT the LCD itself. Aside from the screen Id give the condition an 8 outa 10.

Comes w/ wall charger, a USB cable, OEM BB earphones, and white silicone case. I think I still have the car charger too.
Have the box, just no UPC on it as it was sent in for the rebate.
Also have a Case-Mate case I won from PS but it has my SN put on it. Ill throw that in too.

I have a bunch of 3rd party software that I can reload after I wipe my info off the BB if you want. Some of it is tied into the PIN so it cant be used on another device anyways. If you dont want it on the BB, I'll burn it to a CD and leave it up to you to load when and if you want. I'll try to get a list of the PIN specific software up here when I get home and have time.

Im asking $200 shipped. If youre in SoCal you can come pick it up.

Ill also consider trading for a LG Voyager.

I take paypal only, if shipping. If picked up, cash only. If trading, you ship to me, then Ill ship to you.

Ill get pics up as soon as possible.

Thanks for looking.