I have a Cingular prepaid sim card with a balance of $187 of airtime on it, and a Motorola c139 phone, with charger and manuals. This phone has barely been used at all, I've sent maybe one or two text messages from it and made one or two minutes worth of phone calls. Phone is in 9.5/10 condition, only because its still not in the box. This would be a great GSM backup for someone, or a great starter phone for someone.... Current "plan" is $.10/min and $1/day the phone is used (eg: make one call of 12 minutes, you would be charged a total of $2.20 total for that day ($1 + 12($.10)); 5 calls of 3 minutes each would be $2.50 total). Plan also includes unlimited mobile to mobile (20 calls of 20 minutes each to Cingular customers in a day would cost $1 total for the day). You can add as little as $15 of airtime at a time, or up to $100 at a time. If anyone would like pics, I will be happy to post them, just let me know. Asking price is $150 shipped for everything.