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I'll pass now on.the 8900... PinStack Marketplace forum

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    I'll pass now on.the 8900

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    I'm no longer selling mah precious. I have come to the crossroads and after realizing the things the iphone does not do I will have to resign and accept the fact that I must love the 8900 I currently own and probably go iphone once it has flash for the camera. I do take lots of pics in the dark (I go clubbing quite a bit lol) so the iphone nawt a good idea for me at the moment that and the fact that I do use my gps (amAze gps) almost every other day and I DO NOT want to pay for a gps app on a monthly basis or any amount of $ for any gps app lol. Well, I thank you for your offers but I will be keeping this bad boy till it explodes or till the next wave of bb's sweep me away as this device has . Thank you. over and out

    Oh yeah, Please close this thread. Thanks admins!
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    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! lost another one! dang
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    Geez, make up your mind, rodent!

    Seriously, I'll close the thread for you, sir.

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