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Hi, About March this year my family and I renewed our mobile contract with AT&T ... PinStack Marketplace forum

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    About March this year my family and I renewed our mobile contract with AT&T and with it purchased 3 new BB 9000 (Bold).

    We have switched providers now and I now have a 8900 (wife and daughter switched to MyTouch 3G) and I have 3 locked (at the moment) Blackberry Bold's collecting dust.

    Thankfully, my wife asked ATT for the unlock codes for the phones before we terminated the contract (have not got around to testing unlocking yet). But wondered if someone would be interested in buying the devices, if so any reasonable offer would be considered. I was thinking of at least trying to cover the ETF for ATT (3 x $150).

    Two of the devices are in mind condition with the leather cases, the third has been used for long periods (ball showing signs of need of replacement. This costs about $10 from what I remember when I did this for my Curve 8300). The case for the third has also the used look about it.

    I have the USB/Power and CD's still (I think for DM 4.7), not sure about the original packaging.

    I have some 1GB SDD cards also to bundle in if wanted/needed.

    If interested please email me at


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    Are these phones still for sale?

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    I emailed him a while back and he has yet to respond to me
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