New Jersey Stackers!!!

***I have a DTK Desktop System available.***

This system is economical and perfect for college students who live in the Dorms and need a reliable computer to do papers, but also want to Instant Message and chat:

- Intel PII 266MHz
- 512 MB RAM
- Windows 2000 installed
- Office 2003 Professional
- 2 USB Ports
- DVD-ROM Drive
- 3.5" Floppy
- Zip 100MB Internal Drive (WITH 2 FORMATTED DISKS)
- Sound Card
- Ethernet network card (DSL/Cable/T1 networks)
- Empty PCI slots for expansion (perfect for adding a wireless card)

***Comes complete with 15" Monitor, keyboard, and mouse***

This system can take an external USB hard drive to boost your storage for music and movies; Perhaps an external burner to make DVDs/CDs as well. (must purchase seperately)

I am a recent Rutgers Grad and can appreciate how tight our budgets can be.

Price for everything is $100, BUT am willing to please e-mail/message me. I am in Monmouth County, New Jersey.