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PScast: Episode 15 ... Storming into May This episode includes: WIR recap Site Announcements Smartphone ... PScast: PinStack Weekly Podcast forum

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    PScast: Episode 15 ... Storming into May


    PScast: Episode 15 ... Storming into May

    This episode includes:
    WIR recap
    Site Announcements
    Smartphone Discussions

    Episode 15
    standard bitrate (63mb) -- don't forget accessible on your Berry thru Opera Mini
    low bitrate (12mb) -- accessible through default BlackBerry browser

    Link to add feed to Podcast

    Listen on iTunes (if you are subscribed to the podcast, then it will update in itunes automatically)

    PinStack Week in Review: Smartphone News, Reviews for May 8, 2009

    Funniest Threads
    For God's Sake, Buy a Stamp
    A New Lava in Town

    The BEST Storm Thread >> j llama's Storm Tips/Tricks

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    Grats Red.

    Gary.. One of these days can you say "They're great!" ? Sorry.. you remind me of Tony the Tiger sometimes.
    Sometimes at night, the Moon howls and the Wolves listen.

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    Great cast guys, I was glad that Cherri got my name right on the first try lol. For anyone who is interested, it was 67 cents through PayPal, minus 42 cents for a stamp and then 20 cents for no 'no machine' label for a total profit of 5 cents if my math is correct.

    I look forward to the next cast as usual

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    ask me
    nice cast guys, keep'em going.....and GaryF sounds a lil bit better now...but just a lil
    When i say i have Bold family phones, I meant it, from the older to the younger, even the unborn ;)

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    Listening now...

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    ask me
    hey cherri and gary... amazing cast as always... !!!

    thanks for the 5th free month...

    just to update you guys, ive been out for about a week, there's bad news...

    I was messing with some "stuff" that i shouldnt have messed with, and i MAY have bricked my bold... been trying to fix it with EALVNV on and off over the last few days (whenever i could find internet connection)... no luck yet...

    if there's anyone out there with knowledge about "stuff", please find me...

    btw, congrats both of ya'll on new Storms... im sure u'll love em...

    definitely enjoyed the new "E News" section, especially the bit about movies... need to watch some of those... hope to see that around more often...

    take care ya'll, n hope to see you soon with better news on my bold...
    i see RED...

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    Finally got to listen to a full cast without interuptions and it was great so much info in an hours time. Keep up the great work.
    ~via smartphone

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    Hey folks....we tried a few new things this week adding content and would (as always) love your input!

    First was the Wall Street Journal Tech review...since WSJ articles are bu subscription and not linkable, I tried to keep a few of the weeks "tech news" items to share.

    Second was E-News (Entertainment), while admittedly"off topic" this was my idea to try something a little different...

    We also realize the needs for guests and are working to get more victims there as well!

    Anyway, as Hayden says, it wouldn't be Pinstack unless we asked for your input... or ...let us know what you think!

    And again, as always, please post any suggestions you have! We love input :d
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