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My BBM was going off at the crack of dawn here in Cali this morning. ... Week In Review forum

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    PinStack Week in Review: Updates, Reviews, Free Downloads!


    My BBM was going off at the crack of dawn here in Cali this morning. Seems all my Verizon buds on the East Coast (and then some) were up bright and early staking claims on their new Storms. Congratulations everyone who received instant gratification and were one of the lucky ones to walk away with one today. For those waiting (I've seen reports on the forums that some outlets have promised to overnight devices free of charge), it won't be much longer

    Device Updates
    Buy the Bold from $199.00 - Get Free 2GB MicroSD, Car charger & Bluetooth!
    Buy the Storm & Get 3 BONUS Accessories, Free FedEx... STILL $199!
    RIM prepping LTE-based 4G BlackBerry?

    CaptureIt - BlackBerry Screen Capture Program A simple screen capture utility for Blackberry devices with 4.3 or higher. You simple assign the the application to a Blackberry connivence key, and press the key on the screen of your choice. The device capture will be saved to the first available storage medium (Storage Card or Device Memory) -> screenshot taken with app on 8220
    Google Sync for BlackBerry: Now with contacts Synchronize your contacts. Get your Gmail contacts quickly and easily to your BlackBerry smartphone. With Sync, you can have access to your address book at any time and place that you need it.
    Get calendar alerts. Using your BlackBerry smartphone's native calendar, you can now access your Google calendar even when you don't have network coverage, and be alerted for upcoming appointments with sound or vibration. It automatically runs in the background, so you can attend to other tasks and still be reminded of your appointments.
    Always in sync. Your calendar and contacts stay synchronized whether you access it from your computer or your phone. You can add or edit contacts or calendar entries right on your BlackBerry smartphone or on your Google account on the web. Synchronize one or many calendars at the same time.
    ExSafe announces the launch of ExSafe for BlackBerry! This unique and complete service enables users to securely access their Office documents (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, PDF, text notes, etc.) from any location in the World regardless of whether they are using their BlackBerry or their computer, and to share documents with others in their organization and vice versa.

    Available for download as of last week, BlackBerry MySpace App Shatters Download Record One-week after launching dedicated MySpace social networking application on its smart phones, BlackBerry this morning announced that it has shattered downloading records for the devices. Since the application launched Nov. 13th, there have been more than 400,000 downloads, marking an all-time high for both BlackBerry developer Research In Motion and MySpace in terms of first-week application downloads.

    Review: PDA Hut Slim Line Pouch Case
    BlackBerry Storm Must-Have Accessories Add-Ons
    3500mAh Extended Life Battery for the BlackBerry Bold - Pre-order Today!
    Sid Meier's Civ IV: War of Two Cities.

    News Features
    Obama may have to give up his beloved BlackBerry
    iPhone 2.0 vying with BlackBerry in the enterprise
    Apple iPhone will get Adobe Flash, But unlikely for RIM BlackBerry
    BlackBerry Technical Seminar December 3rd, 2008 (online and free)
    VMware Rocks Your Mobile
    Wirefly Announces its "Top 10 Hottest Selling Cell Phones"

    NEW Themes -- FREE download!
    83xx Need for Speed Theme by Request
    9000 Bold Barack Obama Theme
    83xx: Bolt OS4.5/Customizable BottomDock
    81xx Crisis Core FF7 OS 4.2 and 4.5
    83xx & 88xx: 4.5 Moonlit Sky Animated
    AZ Cardinals 83xx
    8220: Redskins and Da Bears
    81xx/83xx: Christmas/Winter for OS 4.5, 4.3
    81XX Snoopy Zen Christmas Custom
    WOW Theme 83xx 4.5
    9000: CheckMate II Crossbar
    83XX/88XX Leopard OS X Drop Dock 2.0
    83xx Teal Today Plus
    81xx Purple Storm OS 4.5

    Be sure to check the Free Themes forum and the download directory for more FREE themes! And a special thanks to all the theme developers for sharing thier themes here at PinStack!

    Have a GREAT weekend everyone!


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    Thanks for the Week in Review Cherri!

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    Thank you cherri for keeping me up to date on the things i miss. Awesome as always.

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    Great news. This was an exciting week
    ~via BB (

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    Thanks as always. What a wonderful site to see the week in review.

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    ask 1st
    ~via BB (
    Nice news,,I'll have new themes for this weeeknd...
    Can't wait for the next review..
    Have a great weekend all,,,(Bbrrrr, I'm totally freezing in Indonesia)

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    Thanks Cherri, have a lovely week end! ~via BB (

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    I use capture all the time. It's great!!!! I love it.

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