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TGIF! Christmas came early for some Verizon BlackBerry customers this week. The launch of the ... Week In Review forum

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    PinStack Week in Review:Smartphone News, Reviews for October 30, 2009


    TGIF! Christmas came early for some Verizon BlackBerry customers this week. The launch of the Storm2 (9550) through Verizon has come and gone. Are you a new Storm2 owner? I can't wait to start getting the real hands on reviews from regular BlackBerry owners like you and me

    Android seems to be dominating the smartphone news market with rumors from carriers such as Verizon and Sprint as well as new partnerships with manufacturers such as Motorola. With the love they show to the developers, and a very strong and growing band of followers, I am anxious to see how the Android platform grows and expands over the next few months.

    Be sure to check out the links at the bottom for fun themes and wallpaper to customize your smartphone for Halloween!

    Smartphone News for the Week

    BlackBerry Rumors & News
    The Storm 2 Forecast: Will hit Verizon Wireless' Network on Oct. 28!
    Storm 2 Now Available on Verizon website.

    iPhone Rumors & News
    Apple Increases iPhone Supply Orders By 20%
    iPhone On Verizon Looks Iffy

    Palm OS Rumors & News

    Windows Mobile Rumors & News

    Nokia Rumors & News
    Hands On With Nokia’s N900

    Android Rumors & News
    Lenovo O1 Android Smartphone Launches with China Mobile
    Android Powered Motorola Zeppelin Spotted
    Verizon Adds Droid Smartphone Online Sign up page for notifications
    Google opens up Android 2.0 SDK to all developers

    Other Smartphone Rumors & News
    Smartphone security threats likely to rise.
    Twittering Workers Cost Business £1.4bn
    Get ready: Web Apps, a new wave of browser rich applications.
    iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre All Vulnerable To Spear-Phishing Experiment
    Gartner: PC vendors plan to sell smartphones
    Sony Ericsson launches Satio Smartphone
    Survey of 4255 consumers: Strong growth continues in smartphone market
    Motorola Promises 20 Smartphones in 2010

    Carrier Related:
    TMO Goes Unlimited and No Contract to Boot

    Smartphone Applications/Accessories

    Universal Phone Charger Approved
    There have been several reports in the last few months about the push by carriers to adopt a universal charger for mobile devices. Well, it looks like it might come sooner then later.
    via Cnet: "A standard for a universal phone charger was approved this week by the International Telecommunication Union, a branch of the United Nations. The Universal Charging Solution will enable the creation of one-size-fits-all chargers that can be used on any future phone, according to the ITU.

    Google Voice Receives New Features
    via the Google Voice Blog: "Google Voice is all about enabling choice: which phone you pick up your calls on, where to review your voicemail messages, how to send and reply to text messages, etc. So when it comes to your phone number, it was logical for us to also offer a choice of which number to use with Google Voice.
    Previously, when you created a Google Voice account, we asked you to select a new Google phone number. This allowed us to offer features like call forwarding, screening, and recording. But we know not everyone wants to start using a new phone number, so we've been working on another option for people who are willing to trade some features for the ability to keep their existing number.

    Pandora For BlackBerry Updated
    Pandora, one of the best streaming radio apps out there for mobile devices received a welcomed update yesterday. Officially updated to 1.1.2, the new version corrects a bug that has been lamenting BlackBerry users running the 5.0 OS. In the previous versions, the songs would stop approximately 15-20 seconds before the end and you have to actually pause and un-pause the song in order to continue playback. Pandora's developers attributed this to a change in the 5.0 software that affected the pre-buffering of the next song.

    2 Star iPhone App Boingo, Launches on BlackBerry
    The Boingo Mobile application will initially be available for the BlackBerry Curve 8900, BlackBerry Curve 8320 and BlackBerry Bold smartphones. Boingo will announce support for additional BlackBerry smartphone models as they become available. The free Boingo Mobile application improves the Wi-Fi user experience for BlackBerry smartphone owners by providing a convenient, automated way to connect. It automatically notifies users when they are in a Boingo hotspot, and connects to the Boingo network with a single click. “Boingo Mobile is about ease of use and a low-cost, high-speed alternative to cellular data,” said Jonathan Mendelson, general manager of mobile and product management. “BlackBerry users can seamlessly switch to a Boingo Wi-Fi connection when they’re online using data-intensive applications.” With the addition of BlackBerry platform support, Boingo continues to expand its support for smartphones, including those based on the Android, iPhone, Symbian Series 60 and Windows Mobile platforms.

    Flixster: Updated Android App & Introduction of Flixster for Blackberry
    Flixster is getting even bigger this week by releasing its first fully native Blackberry application and a major update to its popular Android app – simultaneously reaching a new milestone of 8 million mobile users.Flixster 2.0 for the Android launched today, adding integration with Facebook Connect, a newsfeed for up-to-date friend ratings, and other enhancements. Flixster also submitted its first fully native version for the Blackberry, which is expected to be available at the Blackberry App World soon. The beta version of Flixster for the Blackberry is already among the smartphone’s top 40 free apps. Flixster’s mobile “Movies” app remains one of the top 5 entertainment apps for the iPhone, and is installed on 1 in 5 iPhones in the U.S. As Flixster continues building its mobile presence, it crossed 8 million users for the first time in its history this week, adding to the 20 million monthly unique visitors it attracts on the Internet through and the “Movies” application on Facebook, in addition to its presence on MySpace and Bebo. Flixster’s mobile user base has more than doubled in 2009 alone.

    Increase Your Smartphone Service Levels with Smart Remote Support
    We thought this LogMeIn update would be of interest to you…
    Now you can support BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Symbian devices – with one multi-platform tool.
    To boost business performance, it's necessary for increasingly mobile workforces to stay productive. That's why remote support for BlackBerry devices is a must-have. With LogMeIn Rescue, you can help increase your service levels by remotely resolving issues or training users on their smartphone devices, wherever they are. Maximize your support capabilities. Start providing smart remote support to your mobile clients today.Get your free 14-day trial! Go to

    SmarterMail Adds Antivirus to Email Security Arsenal
    SmarterTools Inc. is proud to announce an agreement with Commtouch to provide Zero-hour Virus Outbreak Protection with its SmarterMail mail server as an optional add-on for those users that want to enhance the software’s out-of-the-box antivirus functionality.

    DataViz Releases Documents To Go Premium Edition 2.0 for BlackBerry
    DataViz today released Documents To Go v. 2 for BlackBerry. Includes desktop synchronization, enhanced PDF support and support password protected 2007 files. Here’s a link to the press release for more detailed info.

    14 Useful Applications for Smartphones
    The smartphone of today needs to be able to straddle the line between practicality and multimedia functionality in order to appeal to both business and personal users. Over the next three years the already expansive smartphone market is expected to grow further and hundreds of millions of smartphones will be flying off the shelves and into eager palms around the world. One of the things that makes smartphones so appealing is their ability to download and install a huge variety of applications designed to make them much more versatile than a simple communication device. Here is a list of 10 useful smartphone applications currently on the market.

    Google Introduces Free GPS Navigation for Android 2.0
    The first device to carry Google Maps Navigation for Android 2.0 will be the Motorola Droid. The initial device will launch on November 6th. What i find most interesting is Google will also be releasing Google Maps Navigation for the iPhone also (FREE).
    How do you think all those offering Pay services will feel? Read more from CNet

    PinStack Exclusives

    Review & Contest

    Elertify for BlackBerry Review and Give Away! 20 Free Copies!
    There is a new application available for your BlackBerry called Elertify. I have been testing this out and it is really quite useful. What it does is notify you on your computer when you get an email, sms, or phone call on your BlackBerry. Have you ever been working at your computer trying to finish a project and out ot the corner of your eye you see the flashing LED of your BlackBerry? You stop what you are doing, pick up your BB wondering if it's the email reply you have been waiting for all day then open your messages just to find out that it's just an email joke forwarded by a co-worker? Elertify will let you have a pop-up on your computer screen with info about the incoming message. You can even set an options for sound notifications or even allow your computer's voice synthesizer tell you who's calling, the subject and sender of an email, or the sender and content of an SMS.

    Halloween Themes & Wallpaper for your Smartphone!!

    BlackBerry Themes

    Helloween Kitty
    I wanted to do a Hello Kitty and a Halloween theme, so I decided to do a theme with both (Helloween). This theme has The Re-Animator Kitty, Jason Kitty, Freddy Krueger Kitty and Evil Dead Kitty. Icons are customizable and they glow. The focus boxes do not show up like this on the homescreen. One focus box shows when you scroll over an icon, like the image on the app screen. I hope you enjoy this for Halloween. This is for the 8900 Curve and the 9600 Tour.

    Jack Skellington Bottom ZEN
    Everything is Black and White down to the icons and meters. This theme is for the 83xx Curve or 81xx Pearl.

    4.5 Halloween Themes 2009 Here is an update to last year's Halloween theme! All icons are custom as well as the Battery and Signal Meters. New Message notifier is an evil pumpkin and ringer profiles are skulls. The Signal Meter is a Bloody Knife (aka Jason Voorheese) and the blade "gets shorter" as the signal drops. The Battery Meter is different for each theme. One theme has a Moon that gets darker (wanes to crescent) as the battery level drops and the other theme has Jason's Mask that gets darker as the battery drops. At 20% eyes turn yellow and 10% eyes turn red! I also added a Michael Myers hourglass. Everything is the same on both themes. The only difference is the Battery Meter in the Center. This theme is for the 83xx Curve.

    BerryScary!!!! Halloween Theme!!!
    Available for 8900 Curve and 9000 Bold.

    *BlackBerry Wallpaper

    *100's of Free iPhone Wallpapers

    More iPhone Halloween Wallpaper found here


    Hope you have a SAFE & SPOOKY Halloween weekend!

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    It's been a busy week for me and this gives me a chance to catch up on all the good stuff.


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    Wooo many stuff. I got to say I am most excited about the Pandora update and navigation directions to Android 2. Now BRING IT TO BLACKBERRY.

    I agree Cheri Android definitely seems to be making a very big impact on more and more carriers. Competition gets more intense... wait till all the computer manufacturers starts putting their phones out in the market.

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