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    PinStack Week in Review: Smartphone News, Reviews for October 23, 2009


    TGIF!!! I'm not going to lie here and tell you that I am not secretly dreaming of the new BlackBerry 9700!!! OH MY GOODNESS! The sad part to all my anxiety over this new BlackBerry is the fact that companies like Motorola, HTC and Nokia keep putting out new devices that make it almost impossible to resist temptation. Whether you currently use a BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, etc., PinStack is your ONE-STOP shop for all the latest news for all things smartphone related.
    Stay tuned in the coming weeks for press coverage of the second ever BlackBerry Developer Conference, taking place November 9-12 in San Francisco. There's sure to be some exciting news!

    Smartphone News for the Week

    BlackBerry Rumors & News
    RIM, T-Mobile, AT&T and Rogers Introducing the BlackBerry 9700
    BlackBerry Bold 9700 Video - Possibly the Best "BB" to date!
    App World to start selling themes?
    RIM develops a better BlackBerry browser

    iPhone Rumors & News
    AT&T exec implies iPhone exclusivity in U.S. to end

    Palm OS Rumors & News

    Windows Mobile Rumors & News
    AT&T's HTC Tilt2 full-QWERTY touchscreen smartphone available now
    Acer's beTouch & neoTouch smartphone series officially announced
    Touch-Friendly Interface in WinMo 7?
    Microsoft Takes A Jab At Apple

    Nokia Rumors & News
    Nokia sues Apple, says iPhone infringes ten patents
    Nokia N900 Release Pushed Back to November. Amazon Taking Pre-Orders.

    Android Rumors & News
    New Motorola Android 2.0 smartphone photos and info
    Sony Ericsson Xperia X3 Caught In The Wild
    Google To Make Its Own Android SmartPhone & Bypass Carriers
    The Verizon Droid Might Be Landing Sooner Than We Thought

    Other Smartphone Rumors & News
    Twitter co-founder's 'Square' comes into focus
    Mobile Device Crypto Keys Potentially At Risk
    Reports: Google to launch music service, phone
    IPhone Users: McDonald's Over Pizza Hut

    Carrier Related:
    Verizon Super Sale on Savvy Smartphones ends 10/26

    Smartphone Applications/Accessories

    Roblock For Blackberry
    It's a anti theft program, just like smrtguard, but it's a one time fee of $10 instead of a monthly fee. RobLock provides protection and safety from theft or losing your device and helps to retrieve it back. Now the users can forget the fear of losing their device by protecting it using RobLock Software. Features: GPS & Cell based device tracking, Remote interaction through SMS, Email and Web interface, SMS/Email notification on SIM Change to predefined recipient, Recover contacts from lost phone, Remote Wipe the entire device/media card, Remote LOCK & ALARM, Remote Call Back, Does not require BES/BIS for Remote Wipe

    bbOSalert Notifies You When a New BlackBerry OS Becomes Available
    Is your F5 button about to pop off of your keyboard? Or even worse, already gone? Your solution to staying up all night waiting for a new OS to leak is here. bbOSalert is a new application for BlackBerry devices that alerts you when a new OS has been posted on the internet. Once installed onto your device you can select which devices you wish to be alerted about and choose between leaked OS, official OS or both. How does it work? Once an OS is posted on a site for download, an alert will be sent out to whom ever has subscribed to that device. Along with the alert you will be notified of the version and where the OS was posted for you to download.

    Upload photos to Panoramio from your iPhone. Also coming to Android
    Panoramio is a community of people who enjoy sharing photos of places with the rest of the world. These photos are surfaced in Google Earth and Google Maps as photo layers, where millions of users can see them. Panoramio has just launched an application that makes it easy to upload photos to Panoramio straight from your iPhone. Read about it on the Panoramio Blog. Google is also working hard on the Android version, so keep an eye out for it!

    AccessKey IP/TeknoCreations Announce TekCase for BlackBerry
    AccessKey IP, Inc.,TeknoCreations, a subsidiary of AKYI, today announced the introduction of eight (8) new TekCase products. The new product lines are for use with the ubiquitous Blackberry line of smartphones, one of the most successful business phone manufacturers in the world. Users will soon have access to either the TekCase for Blackberry or the InCharge TekCase for Blackberry utilizing our patent pending inductive charging solution. The first models for development include the Curve, Bold, Storm and Tour.

    Tweetie 2 Takes The Best iPhone Twitter App And Ups The Sex Appeal
    There is absolutely no shortage of Twitter apps available for the iPhone. But in my mind (and the minds of many others) one stands above all the rest: Tweetie. And while the app has undergone several small tweaks since it was first released last year, a big time revamp is about to hit: Tweetie 2.
    Maybe you’ve seen some tweets from users in recent weeks labeled as coming from “Bigbird”? Yeah, that’s Tweetie 2.0. Some may recall that this was also the code name for Tweetie for the Mac right before it launched. The reason for the nickname is that Tweetie 2 is built on top of the Project Bigbird core, which Atebitsdeveloper Loren Brichter first developed for Tweetie for Mac. This means an iPhone Tweetie that is “faster, slimmer, and much more powerful,” as Brichter puts it.
    So what’s new? A lot. Here are the big ones.
    Persistence — Tweetie now remembers the last thing you were browsing when you closed the app. This means if you were on a user’s Twitter profile, you will go back there when you open the app again.
    New message indicators — When you have a new @reply or direct message, you will now see a glowing blue light below those sections to let you know.
    Scroll up to reload — Rather than having a separate reload button, to reload your main tweet stream, you simply now scroll up, hold for a second, and Tweetie will check for new tweets.

    ZoomSafer Releases New Safe Driving Software for Blackberry Phones
    ZoomSafer, the leading provider of innovative solutions to prevent distracted driving announced today that it has released the next version of its patented safe driving software helping motorist`s focus on the road and not their mobile phones.
    "This new release delivers a truly simple and innovative safe driving solution that helps people make better choices behind the wheel and provides safe alternatives for staying connected," said Mike Riemer, CEO and co-founder of ZoomSafer. "Beyond legislation and education, this is a major milestone in the fight to prevent distracted driving and is a powerful example of how technology is helping make our roads safer."

    PinStack Exclusives

    Reply to Win -- Halloween Themes for BlackBerry
    I can't believe that Halloween is just around the corner!! To celebrate All Hallows Eve, All Things Berry is giving away 25 Premium Halloween themes to the PinStack community. Simply reply to this thread for your chance to win! Contest ends October 25 at Midnight, PST.

    Reply to Win -- bbOSalert: Get notified when a new OS is available!
    The good folks over at bbOSalert would like to give away a copy of the bbOSalert application to five lucky PinStackers.
    bbOSalert is a new application for BlackBerry devices that alerts you when a new OS has been posted on the internet. Once installed onto your device you can select which devices you wish to be alerted about and choose between leaked OS, official OS or both. Along with the alert you will be notified of the version and where the OS was posted for you to download.
    Simply reply to this thread to enter for a chance to win your own copy of bbOSalert! Contest ends tomorrow (October 24th) at 8:30am PST. Winners will be contacted via PM.

    PinStacker Reviews:
    Review: Hippopost Mobile, Send Free Postcards From Your BlackBerry!
    This application was announced back in Sept. but they were limiting mailing to only Canada until last week when they started mailing to the USA. I held off on my review until some of the postcards I sent were received so I could see exactly what they will be like. Hippopost is a great app! It's fun, it's easy, and best of all it's free! Here's how it works, you download the app to your BlackBerry via or get it in App World(it seems like it may only be available via App World now that it has been released there except for Storm users). The app is free and you can send 2 free postcards per day!(but I've heard that number will be going up). They print them and mail them, the only thing is that it is ad supported so your postcard will have ads on it. If you need more than the 2 free each day, you can purchase more ranging in price from $1.69-$1.99 each depending on whether you buy in groups of 5, 10, or 20. You also can send up to 10 free per day via

    New App: Threaded SMS for BlackBerry
    We are making a true Threaded SMS app for BlackBerry. No reason why only iPhone users should have all the fun!
    Modeled on the lines of iPhone sms app, this app will groups sms per your Contacts and shows you threaded sms in chat style. You can reply from the same 'conversation view screen' screen. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, attached are some screenshot
    I am inviting beta testers for this app. Once beta is over, we will be releasing it to all. As is customary with Empower apps, beta testing is rewarding because you make new friends and participate in making a great piece of software for all blackberry users. Needless to say, you also get free licenses and opportunity to beta test our other upcoming apps.
    In case you are interested in running a pre-release app, please reply below with your Device model and OS Version below. We will start with 20 users and take up more as we progress through the beta..


    Have a GREAT weekend! Cya on the 'Stacks!


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    Thanks for the review. A lot happening in the smartphone world. Based on smartphone platforms, we're seeing the most diverse PinStack user-base ever and its amazing how analytic and in-depth discussions get when everyone has different platform preferences.

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    Thank you for the work Cherri. Very nicely put WIR. I gotta try that threaded sms. I could upgrade to OS 5.0 but I'm one of those freaks who'd rather wait for the official release and avoid having to deal with the bugs Have a nice weekend
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    Aww missed it lol

    I so can't wait for the BlackBerry 9700. Those other companies may be constantly putting out phones but there is still something about the BlackBerry that I can't resist. Now with this new one, its going to be nice.

    I feel like downloading the new simulator just so I can play with the phone lol.

    Thanks for the review!

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    My first WIR via Mobile and it's great as usual.


    Posted via smartphone

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    Thanks for the recap C. Good luck to all who enter the contests!
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