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Greetings from a rain soaked Dallas, Texas!! After being away for a few days visiting ... Week In Review forum

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    PinStack Week In Review: Smartphone News, Reviews for October 2, 2009


    Greetings from a rain soaked Dallas, Texas!! After being away for a few days visiting with family and friends, I logged on to see Christmas has finally "officially" arrived for us Mac users (even though I'm a part-timer). I have downloaded and installed the new Desktop Manager for Mac, waiting to finish my WIR to restart and check it out!
    It seems that Palm is not going down without a fight and issued a WEBOS update this week allowing pre owners to, once again, sync their device to iTunes. I can't wait to see how this feud plays out.
    BlackBerry BIS 2.8 updates have started showing up around the world, with some major updates to the Gmail sync, in addition to many other added features. Be sure to check out the link below to get a list of all the new features to this update.

    BlackBerry Rumors & News
    Worlds Most Expensive Blackberry $240K
    Walmart has the 8900, Tour, Bold & Storm for free!! New or Upgrade
    RIM Launches BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac Users
    RIM's Balsillie Loses Bid To Buy Bankrupt Hockey Team
    RIM Fixes Security Hole In BlackBerry's
    BIS 2.8 For North America

    iPhone Rumors & News
    China Unicom & Orange to Start Selling iPhone
    Apple offers new resource for finding iPhone, iPod touch apps
    Google Injects Ads And User-Generated Content Into iPhone Maps

    Palm OS Rumors & News
    webOS 1.2 available for download!
    Palm Restores iTunes Sync

    Windows Mobile Rumors & News

    Nokia Rumors & News

    Android Rumors & News

    Other Smartphone Rumors & News

    The Iterative Web App: 'Move' and 'Enhanced Refresh'
    iPhone, Android, & Pre Beat BlackBerry & Legacy Smartphones
    Safety: Obama Administration now looking to eliminate texting while driving

    Carrier Related:
    AT&T Goes After Google Voice, Net Neutrality And Double Standards
    AT&T To Offer Hybrid Cellphone


    Smartphone Applications/Accessories

    Tweetie 2 Takes The Best iPhone Twitter App And Ups The Sex Appeal
    There is absolutely no shortage of Twitter apps available for the iPhone. But in my mind (and the minds of many others) one stands above all the rest: Tweetie. And while the app has undergone several small tweaks since it was first released last year, a big time revamp is about to hit: Tweetie 2.
    Maybe you’ve seen some tweets from users in recent weeks labeled as coming from “Bigbird”? Yeah, that’s Tweetie 2.0. Some may recall that this was also the code name for Tweetie for the Mac right before it launched. The reason for the nickname is that Tweetie 2 is built on top of the Project Bigbird core, which Atebitsdeveloper Loren Brichter first developed for Tweetie for Mac. This means an iPhone Tweetie that is “faster, slimmer, and much more powerful,” as Brichter puts it.
    So what’s new? A lot. Here are the big ones.
    Persistence — Tweetie now remembers the last thing you were browsing when you closed the app. This means if you were on a user’s Twitter profile, you will go back there when you open the app again.
    New message indicators — When you have a new @reply or direct message, you will now see a glowing blue light below those sections to let you know.
    Scroll up to reload — Rather than having a separate reload button, to reload your main tweet stream, you simply now scroll up, hold for a second, and Tweetie will check for new tweets.

    Starbucks Unveils Its First iPhone Apps
    Starbucks is launching a store-finding and menu-information application for the iPhone, and is testing a second app that will let customers use the phone as their Starbucks card. The first app, myStarbucks, lets customers locate stores and bookmark favorite locations. They can search by additional information, such as hours and amenities, to find, for example, a nearby one that’s open and has a drive-thru window. It also include a menu and nutritional information for Starbucks’s drinks, food and coffee beans, and a “drink builder” that displays nutritional information based on the selections.

    Garmin G60 Coming To AT&T
    AT&T is all set to offer the new G60 from Garmin-ASUS, on October 4th. The handset was announced last year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and has long been anticipated for those who rely on GPS navigation. The kicker here is that aside from the standard navigation features we expect from Garmin devices, it is a fully functional smartphone too.

    mSpot Launches Web-Based Mobile Movie Streaming Service
    Mobile entertainment startup mSpot is launching its Mobile Movies site, which will let users stream full-length movies on their mobile phones. Movies will be available on 30 different smart phones, including the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices and via all four major U.S. carriers. To access mSpot Mobile Movies, users can go to mSpot’s mobile site on their phone, and use a credit card to rent individual movies for $4.99 each, or subscribe to a monthly membership at $9.99 (for four movies), $12.99 or $15.99 per month. Based on the movie, rentals could last anywhere from 24 hours to 5 days. The movie will launch within the browser and is powered by the phone’s native media player.

    Hotwire Partners with TripIt
    Hotwire has officially joined TripIt's Developer Program and is putting an "Add To Tripit" button on their site, joining Go Airport Shuttle and Virgin America, as well as BCD Travel, the third largest corporate travel agency, to start distributing TripIt itineraries to millions of travelers. Here’s today’s announcement:
    Their strategy of building an open itinerary platform is becoming a reality with a growing number of travel users and new partnerships. There are now over 250 developers signed-up for the TripIt Developer Program. They also have a top iPhone app and a BlackBerry app on the way.

    Increase Your BlackBerry Service Levels with Smart Remote Support promised to keep you up to date on the latest applications and services available for smartphone support professionals. We thought this LogMeIn update would be of interest to some of you… To boost business performance, it's necessary for increasingly mobile workforces to stay productive. That's why remote support for BlackBerry smartphones is a must-have.
    With LogMeIn Rescue, you can help increase your service levels by remotely resolving issues or training users on their BlackBerry smartphones, wherever they are. Maximize your support capabilities. Start providing smart remote support to your mobile clients today. Get your free 14-day trial here

    WorldMate Launches ver. 3.0 of Popular Travel App
    WorldMate Inc. the world’s #1 leader in mobile travel services with over 4 million active customers worldwide today announces the WorldMate Live for BlackBerry Version 3.0. The new version integrates community-led local search service by Yelp, calendar synch & hotel booking improvements, and rail support in automatic itinerary generation.
    Yelp Local Search Services:
    Integration of Yelp’s free public API into the WorldMate application allows users to perform community-led local searches for restaurants, night life and shopping based upon the user’s current location, near his itinerary location or by selecting another city manually (limited to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland). The results are sorted by distance from search location, unless the search location is not exact, in which case the results will be sorted by rating. The user can narrow-down the search by selecting a category. Search results are listed and the details such as address, phone number (with a click-to-call action), map and more are available to the user. By selecting ‘More Details’ option, the item will open and appear on the mobile Yelp website.

    Android, iPhone & WebOS: Google mobile & desktop search history now in sync
    Sometimes we do a Google search on our desktop computers, only to find that we need to repeat the same search again later on our smartphones. Today in the US Google is launching Personalized Suggest for Android, iPhone and Palm WebOS, which makes it really easy to repeat your past searches on the go. For example, suppose before you depart for the airport, you quickly check flight status by searching for "american airlines 19" using on your computer. Later, as you are hailing a taxi in rush hour traffic, you can simply open on your smartphone, click in the search box, and choose "american airlines 19" from the list of search suggestions!

    TXTBlocker allows parents to block kids from texting while driving
    Texting while driving is incredibly unsafe (and making calls, for that matter). Even more so than drinking and driving, which YOU SHOULD NEVER DO, EVER. California knows it. The Obama Administration knows it. And apparently, the folks responsible for TXTBlocker know it. What is TXTBlocker, you ask? It is a new service that “lets parents and employers customize cell phones to selectively disable texting functions, block certain numbers, or only permit incoming and outgoing calls to preset “safe lists” or emergency numbers.” In other words, its a personal, customizable Big Brother tool for mobile phones.


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    Nice WIR as always, thanks CC!

    Carpe Diem!!


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    Nice nice thanks Cherri. I can't wait for another PSCast

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