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TGIF! Hope everyone had a GREAT week! The big (GIANT) news coming from the Smartphone ... Week In Review forum

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    PinStack Week in Review: Smartphone News, Reviews for June 5, 2009


    TGIF! Hope everyone had a GREAT week! The big (GIANT) news coming from the Smartphone (well, BlackBerry) world is the long anticipated launch of Facebook 1.6. We saw it delayed a week ago and finally, today, as of 6pm left coast time, it is available for download from Expect to see some reviews up this week! The user interface matches that much like the Twitter clients. Nice job FB guys! Also, if you are a Verizon customer sporting a Storm, your prayers have been answered! Verizon finally released an official upgrade to the 9530 Storm OS -- version For those of you who are still running the original (present company NOT included) try for the wireless update. If that doesn't work, I've heard that using DM and "checking for updates" link works too In addition to my WIR below, I included a mini theme round-up. I know its been awhile since I did a big one, so I promise to in the coming weeks. Until then, you can click the device category links and be taken to the respective theme forums! Be sure to thank all of our theme builders for sharing their themes! We love ya!

    BlackBerry Rumors & News
    Official Release: Verizon OS for Storm
    Win a Free BlackBerry! The Weather Channel is Giving Away 30 8900 Curves!
    50 Ways to Make Your BlackBerry More Like Obama’s
    Verizon Wireless Customers Get New 3G-Enabled BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230
    Reports that RIM acquires Dash Navigation
    Updated Slacker Radio App for iPhone & BlackBerry
    BlackBerry 9630 Tour Spec Sheet Leaked!
    Facebook 1.6 Going Live at 6PM Pacific Time

    iPhone Rumors & News
    Updated Slacker Radio App for iPhone & BlackBerry

    Palm OS Rumors & News
    Engadget reviews Palm Pre
    Sprint CEO says Pre deal is longer than six months

    Nokia News
    The importance of being immediate - Google Mobile App now for Nokia S60 sma

    Android Rumors & News

    Other Smartphone Rumors & News
    Sales soaring for 3G products
    Twitter Conference - TwtrConsf09: Twitter for Business
    Cellphone Locator System Needs No Satellite
    Alltel is Intoducing New 1 Year Contracts at 2 Year Contract Prices!


    Smartphone Applications/Accessories

    Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker: Cool Smartphone MP3 Accessory
    I ran across this very cool looking gadget while surfing the net this afternoon. It's the world's first floating waterproof bluetooth speaker. Just pair it up with your BlackBerry, iPhone, or any other bluetooth enabled smartphone or mp3 player, start your playlist and plop this baby into the pool. Just float around, splash, relax, have fun, and listen to your favorite tunes while your precious smartphone lies safe, dry, and out of the water. Here is more from the website: "Finally, you can lay around in your swimming pool all day and never worry about missing a call because this floating Bluetooth speaker will be let you know! Simply pair this speaker with your cell phone and let it stream all your mobile phone's MP3 music, then when a call comes in the music will stop playing to let you know that you have a call coming in.

    The importance of being immediate - Google Mobile App now for Nokia S60 sma
    Google Mobile blog: As a user experience designer I like to take every opportunity to better understand the issues that get in the way of people making the most of their mobile phones. The development of Google Mobile App for Nokia S60 smartphones, which launched today, has provided an opportunity to address three aspects of an issue we hear about on a regular basis: immediacy.

    Updated Slacker Radio App for iPhone & BlackBerry
    Slacker Radio apps for BlackBerry and iPhone have been updated! The BlackBerry version is now 2.0.2. Of course the app is still free and there is the option to upgrade to Slacker Plus for $3.99 per month which will give you unlimitted skips, no ads and more. Other than dramatically faster skips, it doesn't specify what the other improvements are for BlackBerry. The iPhone update mentions faster song to song transitions, since there is no mention of this for BlackBerry I am assuming the lag is still there but I am testing it out to see if there has been some improvement.

    Nobex Station Lists Expanded, Now Includes ESPN Stations
    Nobex Radio Companion let me know that they have made quite a few additions to their playable radio stations. First our Canadian friends got many of their stations added a few weeks ago and now for all you sports fans they bring you ESPN radio. Here is more from the email: "Thought you’d like to know that Nobex Radio Companion just added ESPN stations from all across the US. You can even listen to the National ESPN sports stream. If local sports is your thing then you can tune in to cities such as Dallas, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Boston, Cleveland and more to hear sporting events taking place in your area.


    PinStacker Reviews

    Review: QuickLaunch v2.0 for the BlackBerry Storm
    REVIEW: Barely There from Case-Mate


    PinStack Public/Private App Betas

    Private Beta of AppLock : Password protect Messages and Files


    Mini BlackBerry Theme Round-Up

    8100/Pearl (Compatible devices: 8100, 8110, 8120, 8130)
    By Request: 81xx Jacksonville Jaguars OTA Today OS 4.5
    81xx: More Than Meets The Eye 4.5 By Request
    81xx 4.5 Liquid Metal
    8100: mac style blue
    81xx windows 7 theme
    81xx Bama Tide Today Plus 4.5 By Request
    Kids Scribble Theme

    8220/FlipPearl (Compatible devices: 8220, 8230)
    By Request: 82xx Chicago Cubs "U" OTA OS 4.6
    82xx: Angels Afar Zen 4.6
    SadosBerry v8.2
    8220: Today Zen theme
    8220: "Tatty" True Today and Bottom Dock
    82xx Dream Car 4.6 by request
    82xx Your Pic Here Double Dock

    8300/Curve (Compatible devices: 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330, 8350i)
    83xx: Angels Afar Reverse L 4.5 By Request
    Useful, no frills 83XX theme
    Left 4 Dead by request 83xx 4.5 Only!!!
    My First Theme titled 'Flames'
    83xx Futbol Bottom Dock OTA 4.5
    Green 83xx 4.5 hidden dock
    By Request: 8350i Punish Me OTA OS 4.6
    83xx OTA MarvelMinis (by request) OS4.5
    83xx Leather Face(Texas Chainsaw Massacre) 4.5 OS
    Beginning of Sorrows 83xx 4.5
    Do you Blue? OS 4.5+

    8900/Curve (Compatible devices: 8900)
    8900: "Serene" Today Hidden Dock & Bottom Dock
    8900 OTA DigiWorld OS4.6.1
    SadosBerry v8.9
    8900 Navy Animated Theme
    8900: Pink Cherry Blossom Theme 8900 OTA: VS Pink
    8900 Dreams Can Come True Animated Theme OS 4.6.1
    8900 Golden Eclipse Animated Theme OS 4.6.1
    8900 OTA SanFrancisco OS4.6

    9000/Bold (Compatible devices: 9000)
    By Request: Star Wars the Force Within 4.6 9000 OTA
    Music/TV KISS God of Thunder 4.6 9000 OTA
    FireFighter v9.0
    9000 OTA NatureWall OS4.6
    9000 OTA AboveTheClouds OS4.6
    Art Gallery v9.0
    A Few Free Bold 9000 Themes OTA!!
    9000 OTA Half-Pint Heroes OS4.6
    Purple Lilac 9000 Theme (by request) OS 4.6
    Feelin Froggy Girly 4.6 9000 OTA
    9000: Angels and Demons 4.6

    9500/Storm (Compatible devices: 9500, 9530)
    95xx: Jamaica 4.7 By Request
    95xx Tool by request.
    95xx OTA: Skull Girl Today+
    By Request: 95xx Dragon Fire OTA "L" OS 4.7
    By Request: 95xx Spurs OTA OS 4.7
    By Request: 95xx Xbox 360 OTA OS 4.7
    By Request: 95xx X-Ray Vision Bottom Dock OTA 4.7


    Have a GREAT weekend everyone! Cya on the stacks!


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    great job as always Cherri!
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    Thanks cherri as allways awesome job!!!! *
    ~via smartphone

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    Thanks Cherri - another great WIR.
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    Great job Cherri!

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