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The BIGGEST news to come out this week just so happened on Friday, right before ... Week In Review forum

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    PinStack Week in Review: Smartphone News, Reviews for July 17, 2009


    The BIGGEST news to come out this week just so happened on Friday, right before Gary and I recorded our PScast!! BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 leaked to the masses. I wasn't able to download and install until Friday evening, and I must say Right ON!! RIM ... this new build is awesome! The new features are amazing and I can't wait for the official OS/build. Also on the BlackBerry front is the official release of Desktop Manager 5.0 (of which I have NOT installed as of this post). Palm Pre users who updated their iTunes before seeing Gary's article on the update and the reasoning behind it, were left high and dry when they decided to sync their Pre's with iTunes after the update. Have no fear, we have also posted alternate sites that will show you how to reverse the update and downgrade back to a version that will allow you to sync, once again

    BlackBerry Rumors & News
    RIM to launch own online music service
    BlackBerry Creators asked: A device, just for kids?
    BlackBerry Night at the Movies to launch T-Mobile's Curve 8520
    RIM to pay Visto $267.5M in patent licensing settlement
    Desktop Manager 5.0 official release
    The New BlackBerry Messenger for the storm and other devices Leaked!!!!

    iPhone Rumors & News
    Apple Blocking PUSH on Jailbroken iPhones
    Apple's App Store 1 Year and 1.5 Billion Downloads
    Simplicity of iPhone GUI allow users to make use of more features
    Apple offers Remote Wipe for iPhone MobileMe users.
    How more RAM for iPhone 3GS helps it live up to Apple's hype about speed
    Orange and T-Mobile to break O2 exclusivity on iPhone
    Setting up Gmail PUSH notifications on your iPhone

    Palm OS Rumors & News
    Video: Palm's Creepy New Pre Commercial
    Palm Pre owners may want to pass on iTunes update
    Palm Opens Up Mojo SDK to All App Developers
    Sync Your Palm Pre with iTunes... Again

    Windows Mobile Rumors & News
    Microsoft to bring free Office to smartphones
    Acer F1 Smartphone Powered By 1Ghz Snapdragon Processor

    Nokia News
    AT&T Introduces Nokia Surge, The Social Networking Smartphone
    Nokia stock nosedives as Apple gains on market leader

    Android Rumors & News
    Acer A1 touchscreen Android phone to arrive in September?

    Other Smartphone Rumors & News
    LG Application Store launches, Asia-Pacific gets first dibs
    AlarmPoint Systems Delivers Mobile IT Infrastructure mgmt. for Smartphones
    The True Costs of Using a Smartphone Abroad
    Cost comparison: Owning a Smartphone
    Smartphones without Wi-Fi support to be replaced soon says Sprint


    Smartphone Applications/Accessories

    Seidio Releases Innocase for Palm Pre
    Seidio, Inc., the leading manufacturer of premium Smartphone accessories, is pleased to announce the release of our Palm Pre Innocase. It was specifically engineered for the needs of the Pre user and has all the great features of our previous Innocases. The Pre Innocase is crafted from a hard, yet flexible material and features our signature soft-touch texture to provide a great feel and better grip without attracting lint. Only 1mm thin, it adds very little bulk while still fully protecting the device. The Pre Innocase features separate top and bottom pieces that allow the phone to slide open and closed, with full access to the gesture area, screen, keyboard, controls, and ports. It also works perfectly with both the original and Touchstone battery doors, and alignment with the Touchstone charging dock is hassle-free. Colors include Black, Burgundy, Sapphire Blue, Rose Pink, and Ash Grey.

    Shazam Official for BlackBerry Storm
    Shazam has launched a new version of their music discovery app for the BlackBerry Storm… Today, the official press release has dropped, and although this really changes nothing, I suppose the new Storm version now has the official ‘blessing’ of the developers.

    BioAuthorize Launches YadaBlackBook Voice Enabled App for iPhone
    BioAuthorize Holdings, Inc. of Scottsdale, through its wholly owned subsidiary, BioAuthorize, Inc., received final approval from Apple, Inc. to launch its next application for the iPhone and iPod Touch, yadaBlackBook, which allows users to protect and maintain as secret, the content of their contacts by using their voice to authenticate their identity. The application is offered through the Apple App Store at $3.99 per download. “This application utilizes advanced voice biometrics to maintain the secrecy of your contact list with a solution that is needed by everyone using an iPhone or iPod Touch,” said BioAuthorize president and CEO Yada Schneider.

    Privus Mobile iPhone Application Takes Advantage of New OS 3.0 Features
    This caller ID service is available for all major smartphone platforms. Telemarketers, that annoying coworker, clients, the hottie from the gym – with Privus Mobile, you’ll know which calls to ignore and which ones to take. Privus Mobile is real Caller ID for your mobile phone. More accurate than home Caller ID, Privus Mobile identifies, by name, up to 95% of callers who aren’t already in your phone’s contact list.

    TouchChords: Learn how to play guitar on your iPhone!
    TouchChords Free helps you learn the guitar. It teaches you what you need to know to get right down to the fun of playing your instrument. Master key chords with your iPhone or iPod Touch in the palm of your fretting hand.

    TouchChords Features:
    -- Practice chords on a 1:1 virtual fretboard, with strings and fret dimensions like those a of a real guitar. Develop the muscle memory to play these chords on a real guitar.
    -- Learn chords hand-picked by an expert guitarist, within sequences that help you combine chords for jamming, writing, and inspiration.
    -- See a skilled guitarist's hand on each chord, so you know exactly how to hold your hand comfortably on the guitar neck.
    -- Zoom out on each chord to quickly understand where to put your hand on the fretboard.
    -- Tap the info button to learn about each sequence, and for inspiration, watch a pro play it.
    -- Hear a high-quality audio recording of each chord.

    TouchChords offers 4 sequences:
    -- E Blues: learn blues guitar in the key of E
    -- Meow Power: languorous chords inspired by one of our favorite indie musicians
    -- Doobalicious: laid-back, smooth, and funky 70's style
    -- Little Hands: chords for kids and youngsters who are just getting started

    TuneWiki Sings The BlackBerry's Praises As It Tops The Apps Chart
    Research In Motion is using music as one way to make the BlackBerry popular among the masses-like the exclusive partnership with U2 for its mobile album, or the Ticketmaster concert tickets app. So if the reception to the new TuneWiki social music app is any indication, RIM is on to something. Currently the most-downloaded app in the BlackBerry App World, users can listen to streaming radio or their own music collections, get track lyrics, search through videos, and even see what other people are listening to in the local area. They can also "blip" their music selections to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. (TuneWiki says it's held the top spot for the past four days-though being one of RIM's "featured" apps is definitely giving it an edge). There's a free, ad-supported version, as well as a premium app for $4.95.

    Google Voice Goes Mobile
    7 iPhone Apps That Can Save Lives
    Verizon and Slacker make sweet music together on BB Storm


    PinStack Site Announcements/News

    Handmark & Announce Partnership & Debut New Mobile Application Launches Online Store for Smartphones - 15% Off ALL Apps!


    PScast: Episode 21 .. An App Store for every platform?

    This episode includes:
    WIR recap
    Site Announcements (Top Posters Contest)
    Smartphone Discussions

    Episode 21
    standard bitrate (30mb) -- don't forget accessible on your Berry thru Opera Mini
    low bitrate (15mb) -- accessible through default BlackBerry browser

    Link to add feed to Podcast

    Listen on iTunes (if you are subscribed to the podcast, then it will update in iTunes automatically)


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    Thanks for the WIR cherri! I agree that the biggest news is the new BBM 5.0! It's such an improvement over the old version and it's nice to have something new to play with I also said I was in no hurry to download the new 5.0 DM but I did DL and install it this morning....I couldn't stay away from something new I haven't had the chance to use it yet though so no opinion of it yet.
    ~via smartphone

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    Nice one Cherri n Gary!

    Carpe Diem!!


    Check this out!!! Mobiletropolis

    My TORCH Rocks!

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