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Running a bit late getting the WIR up... hope everyone had a great weekend! News ... Week In Review forum

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    PinStack Week In Review: Smartphone News, Reviews for July 10, 2009


    Running a bit late getting the WIR up... hope everyone had a great weekend!
    News this week has covered many devices either already launched or coming soon. Word on the forums today is that the Tour is now available for ordering, though they are currently back-ordered (as of this posting). iPhone 3G S has been out for a few weeks and some of my hardcore BlackBerry friends were so easily converted. The Pre fell short on sales with the iPhone just barely passing it up. T-Mobile officially announced they are now taking orders for the new MyTouch 3G which will be available 23 days from now. I think the main selling point on the website is the ability for personal customization. I like the look of this one more than the G1. Is this the new SideKick? Can't wait to check this one out for myself

    BlackBerry Rumors & News
    BlackBerry App World hits the 2,000 App Mark
    Google CEO caught sporting a BlackBerry!
    Sprint, Verizon to bring more Wi-Fi enabled smartphones

    iPhone Rumors & News
    iPhone 3G S tops new smart phone Ratings, edging out Palm Pre
    Survey: The iPhone is No. 1 in Japan

    Palm OS Rumors & News
    Telefonica, O2 & Movistar win exclusive European Palm Pre deals

    Windows Mobile Rumors & News
    MANY Windows Mobile smartphones, but few, bring it! Here are 3 of the best.
    Windows Mobile App Store Will Launch With 600 Apps; Free Games Included
    T-Mobile Touch Pro2: Out August 12

    Nokia News

    Android Rumors & News
    Leaked: Xperia X2 Sony Ericsson Android smartphone
    Don't drool... Google G0 Android Smartphone Concept
    T-Mobile Launches MyTouch 3G Android Phone

    Other Smartphone Rumors & News
    DOJ Opens Review of Telecom Industry
    GoTV reaches 100M+ Mobile Users w/ coverage of the Michael Jackson Memorial
    Rogers Wireless Annouces Android App Contest
    The Caribbean's Two Largest Mobile Carriers In Marketing Battle.


    Smartphone Applications/Accessories

    Enhanced Gmail Plug-in for BlackBerry now in beta testing
    "It's no secret that using Gmail on a BlackBerry is a painful experience -- since the built-in mail client has shamefully broken IMAP support, your only real choice is a variant of the same Java-based Gmail app that runs on ancient featurephones, and that rules out direct integration with either contacts or attachments. Yeah, it's sad, but hope is in the air, as RIM's apparently beta testing something called the "Enhanced Gmail Plug-in for BlackBerry," which promises to bring things up to speed...."

    Barnes & Noble Launches iPhone App - Snap a pic to find books, CD's etc.

    Bookseller Barnes & Noble has launched an iPhone and iPod Touch application that will let users search for book, CD and DVD titles by simply snapping a picture of the cover.

    Users who download the free B&N Bookstore App at the iTunes App Store can use their mobile cameras to search the company’s multi-million book inventory and return information on the product, including pricing, editorial reviews and customer ratings. They can also purchase the books they find over the mobile phone for home delivery, or reserve them for in-store pickup at the closest brick and mortar outlet in the chain.

    Smartphone Market Heats Up with GPS Navigator Systems for Android & iPhone
    The smartphone market is heating up, and this time its all about GPS navigation software. There's CoPilot Live going to the Android Platform. It can be purchased for $34.99 in the Android Market and can run on phones based on Google’s Android OS, like the HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1), HTC Magic, and upcoming HTC Hero.

    On the other side, the iPhone is getting TomTom for iPhone. This was announced during June’s WWDC keynote and was one of the most anticipated third-party products demonstrated at the said event. This combination of an iPhone app providing turn-by-turn driving directions and a hardware accessory, the Car Kit for iPhone, that enhances the app will enable the iPhone to take the place of a standalone GPS unit for many users.

    SugarSync: Your files on-the-go, instant & secure. Mac, PC or Smartphone.
    We've featured a few similar services like this one. However, SugarSync is one sweet deal. Plus, we like it because it supports multiple smartphone platforms. Need files on the road? The SugarSync mobile website gives you quick access to files on your phone. Try the mobile photos software to sync pictures between your phone and computer. It’s easy to set up and wireless — no cables required.

    Feature List:
    -- Remote File Access and Editing: Retrieve, edit and upload files stored on other computers and the Internet (including Microsoft Office docs, music, videos, and more).
    -- Shared Folders: Send files and folders (large and small) to anyone via an email sent directly from the Blackberry, and collaborate on projects through a Web-based Shared Folder (which can sync back to the Blackberry).
    -- Powerful Photo Features: Easy browsing with a thumbnail wall display of photo albums, enjoy detail with high resolution photo viewing, and directly upload and sync photos taken with the integrated Blackberry camera.

    Currently, Skyfire only runs on Windows Mobile (smartphones and PPC) and Nokia N and E Series (Symbian S60, 3rd Edition) phones. Officially launched in the US, Canada and UK.

    Skyfire 1.0 is here! You’ll want to upgrade today – either launch Skyfire and follow the upgrade link, or go to to get 1.0. In the past few months, over one million people have downloaded and used Skyfire.

    Skyfire 1.0 improves navigation, speed and predictability. Here’s a snapshot of some of the highlights:
    -- Thumbnail interaction. Click on links immediately after the page loads without having to zoom in. This is especially helpful for high resolution phones, and for familiar sites where you know right away where you want to click. It makes getting to the content you want on the page simpler, quicker and more efficient.
    Improved zoom. Double-tap or double-click to zoom over any element, including links, images or videos. The zoom interaction is smoother and more responsive as well. Best of all: when you zoom in you will get readable text instantly.
    -- Enhanced navigation. When you navigate back or forward, you return to the last viewport (e.g. zoom level and portion of the page). Thus eliminating the need to pan and zoom into the section you were viewing on the previous page. The app remembers even the viewport when you select a page from your history. They also added shortcut keys, (9) for forward and (7) for backward navigation.
    Improved page handling. AJAX-intensive sites such as Facebook and Gmail work smoothly. If larger parts of the page get updated then the client will more quickly and accurately reflect this.
    -- iFrame handling. There's a solution for full-width iFrames in Skyfire
    Fast start. Put Skyfire to work before the start page is even loaded . Now, you can type a search or URL in the Superbar while Skyfire is connecting in the background.. Plus, we’ve improved connection performance.
    -- Reconnect to last state. Leave Skyfire in the background Skyfire will disconnect to preserve battery life. Once you come back to it (after minutes, hours, days) it will reload the same page to the same zoom level and focus. Thus you can continue right where you left off. When you exit and start again, Skyfire you will always land on the start page.


    PinStack Beta Testing

    Beta Test New iPhone App - $25 iTunes Gift Card Giveaway!

    Hello Stackers!

    We are just about ready to begin beta testing of our Mobile News Reader iPhone App!

    Interested in beta testing our iPhone app? Whether you are new to or a member of our smartphone alliance...

    Simply fill out this 5 min survey to apply!

    Ten (10) beta testers will receive a free $25.00 iTunes gift card. It's good for music, movies and of course apps for your iPhone!

    As always, this wouldn't be if our loyal members don't play a large role in it's development. We want to hear from YOU, your suggestions, comments, likes, dislikes and more during its development.


    Hope you have a GREAT week ahead!
    Keep on Stackin'


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    Great wrap-up Cherri. I'm stuck in an office on the weekends and I look forward to it to get me caught up and make the day go by.
    "Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure" ~ Marianne Williamson
    Current OS list by device
    How to upgrade your OS

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