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    PinStack Week in Review: Smartphone News, Reviews for August 21, 2009


    TGIF!! I hope you had a good week and are planning to have some relaxing fun with family and friends this weekend!

    News feeds this week, in addition to rumors of course, were a little slow ... nothing "breaking" going on in the smartphone world. The new Bold (9700) was spotted and posted by a few different outlets, sparking more rumors on features, launch dates and even different colors!! My first encounter with the current 9000 Bold was, let's say, not great. In fact, I have been know to have taken a few stabs at its OS/build in the past. I can most humbly say that I was wrong. Out of the newest devices to come out (minus Tour/8520), I would say the Bold has the most stable build and best form factor (again, just my opinion based on myself and my needs). So with that being said, I would most likely jump at the chance to own a new 9700 if AT&T launches first

    New Tour 9630 or Curve 8520 owner? Post some comments on how you like your new device! I ran into a local TMO store over the weekend and quickly played with the 8520 (with a store clerk impatiently looking over my shoulder after I had to ask him to unlock it ). Its not much different, in size/form, than the 8900. As for weight, I could not compare because the store had one of those anti-theft locks on it that weighs five pounds anyway.

    BlackBerry Rumors & News

    Verizon's BOGO BlackBerry Sale Is Back!
    BlackBerry App World's Webstore Now Available
    Fennec A Likely No-Go For BlackBerry
    Fortune Magazine Ranks RIM as the #1 Fastest Growing Company
    Blackberry 9700 sporting Bold branding
    RIM planning 'Full' Flash support in Browser next year.

    iPhone Rumors & News
    Some of Apple's Top Execs Step In And Reach Out to Rejected Developers

    Palm OS Rumors & News
    North America-bound GSM Palm Pre spied and certified

    Windows Mobile Rumors & News
    Garmin-Asus Launches First Windows Mobile Smartphone
    Microsoft tells WinMo devs they're beautiful, worth more than 99 cents

    Nokia News

    Android Rumors & News
    No Donut or Eclair For G1 Users
    HTC Hero Gains FCC Approval For CDMA
    Google Releases Podcast Beta Called "Listen"

    Other Smartphone Rumors & News

    Texting While Driving
    Nvidia's Tegra Chips For Mobile Devices
    The Amazing Race: an iPhone, a Blackberry and a guidebook in Atlanta
    Spare Change for Apple, RIM or Palm Shares?
    Review: Samsung i8910 Omnia HD, 5 Stars by readers thus far
    Ground Control to Major Douche: LG Watchphone comes to Orange UK

    - Carrier Related
    Verizon Wireless Announces Successful LTE 4G Data Calls in Seattle & Boston
    More Bars, Less Security, in More Places:


    Smartphone Applications/Accessories

    BusinessWeek Application For BlackBerry Released
    BusinessWeek has launched a new app for BlackBerry that makes it easy to watch stock performance and follow all the latest BusinessWeek news. It is a nice little application with customizable features to make it easy to keep up with the companies and news that interests you most. You can quickly switch between three main sections, latest news, set up your own watchlist or get a quick glance at recent articles in channels like technology, finance, small business. If you want to narrow down the clutter you can remove sections and make it just right for you. They also make it easy to share links to interesting articles from within the app to email or twitter. When posting to twitter it automatically shortens the URLs and allows you to add your own message and adds the link to the end of your post. It is a smooth running application, easy to navigate and customize, and the post to twitter feature is great. It also has a * notification on the icon to alert you to new content. If you are a business week reader be sure to check it out. Also iPhone users, a version for you is on the way!

    The 35 Best iPhone Apps Of The Year (So Far)
    TechCrunch has posted a nice App Review by Alex Ahlund Founder of AppVee
    We are just past of a year since the App Store launched and there are more than 60,000 applications released for the iPhone and iPod Touch. When we wrote our 2008 year-end app wrap-up, we had just surpassed the 10,000 app milestone. In early June 2009, the store reached 50,000 apps. At present, we are looking at a staggering 300 new applications being released every single day. How does the average iPhone user find the gems in this deluge?

    eHealthInsurance Launches Mobile Site for Consumers
    eHealthInsurance, the leading online source of health insurance for individuals, families and small businesses, announced today that it is offering Individual, Family and Short-term health insurance products through a specially designed mobile ecommerce platform located at on your mobile device or

    TomTom for the iPhone Released
    The long awaited TomTom App for the iPhone has been released. While it seems expensive ($99) it's in line with many of the other GPS navigation Apps in the iTunes App Store. The TomTom car kit (extra) also offers secure docking, enhanced GPS performance, clear voice instructions and hands-free calling, while charging your iPhone at the same time.

    iSkin Announces the Ultimate Back-to-School Contest
    iSkin posted their Ultimate Back-to-School contest today, where one of you could win an awesome prize package worth $2,500. Entries will be accepted till 11:59 PM EST on September 15, 2009. All entrants must reside in the Continental US or Canada.
    The grand prize winner will receive:
    - 1 MacBook
    - 1 iPod Touch
    - 1 Mighty Mouse
    - 1 ProTouch Vibes for MacBook
    - 1 ProTouch for Mighty Mouse
    - 1 iSkin touch Vibes for iPod Touch 2G
    - 1 iSkin Soho case for MacBook
    - Cerulean F1 + TX Bluetooth Set

    Also, ten second place winners will each receive an iSkin eGift Card valued at $50. All who enter will get 50 free downloads from emusic. Go here to enter!

    Wikipedia Mobile Official App Now Available
    Wikimedia Foundation has released an official iPhone app to access Wikipedia, the online collaborative encyclopedia. The app offers an alternative to browsing Wikipedia's mobile version via the Safari app. Its App Store description states that the app's code is "100% open source and community built" and programmers are welcome to help with the app.

    MyMobileWatchdog Available Now Through App World
    My Mobile Watchdog's patent-pending technology protects your children by allowing you to monitor their phone activities. With My Mobile Watchdog parental alerts, you can see an actual copy of:
    - Text Messages (SMS) sent and received along with their full content
    - Photos (MMS) sent and received with text messages (on select phones)
    - Emails sent and received along with their full content
    - Logs of calls made and received including time and duration

    TwitVid App For BlackBerry Released has released a new application for BlackBerry that makes it easy to upload videos to twitter right from your BlackBerry. TwitVid integration has been recently added to the UberTwitter client but for those of us that prefer a different twitter app then this new TwitVid application for BlackBerry can be just the tool you need. It's a small app, less than a 100k download and is extremely easy and straightforward to use. TwitVid is available for download via App World on your BlackBerry device.

    SlingPlayer App Approved For App Store
    Last week, srl7741 posted the article that SlingPlayer 1.1 had been submitted for approval at the app store. Well, in only a few short days, it's arrived and brings with it all the video goodness that is SlingBox, including support for Dish Networks Remote Access Feature.

    Checkout the features and compatibility requirements here. Or grab the app from the App Store here.

    Google Releases Podcast Beta Called "Listen"
    Ahh Google, you've given us so much. From well, my main search engine, to GMail, Google Voice, the Android platform, and now "Listen". Well, it's still only in the beta form, but it is publicly available to Android users. Announced yesterday on their official blog, the application is designed to allow users to, "...quickly finds podcasts and web audio relevant to your searches, lets you stream over-the-air or download for later, and subscribe to fresh content from your favorite feeds and searches." All for free.
    It is currently available only to users in the U.S., but I'm sure it won't take long for Google to get this going abroad. Now Android users can download Pinstack's Weekly Podcasts or any of their other favorite podcasts directly to their device and listen to it when it's more convenient for them.

    Duracell Releases myGrid Charging Station
    While we're still waiting on the device manufacturers to implement a universal charging standard so I can get rid of my 3-4 home and car chargers, Duracell has said we shouldn't have to wait. They've officially released a new charging system called the myGrid (pictured below). It allows users to wirelessly charge devices made by Nokia, Motorola, Apple, and RIM. Simply attach the charging clip to the device and place it on the pad, it's that easy. It is USB 2.0 compliant, charges up to 4 devices, and according to Duracell charges just as fast as a standard charger.


    PinStacker Reviews

    Review: Case-Mate Smooth Case For BlackBerry 8900 by jonnyxedge
    Protecting your mobile phone has become essential in today's world; and with cases, pouches, and gel skins in all shapes and colors, this really gives you the option to give your device a personal touch, as well as keeping your device as cosmetically up to par. I received the Case-Mate Smooth case for the BlackBerry 8900 in the mail, and boy, was I excited to get my hands on the case.


    PScast: Episode 24 ... Quick Smartphone News Wrap-up

    This episode includes:
    WIR recap; Smartphone Discussions
    Site Announcements (Top Posters Contest)

    Episode 24
    standard bitrate (39mb) -- don't forget accessible on your Berry thru Opera Mini
    lowest bitrate (13mb) -- accessible through default BlackBerry browser

    Link to add feed to Podcast

    Listen on iTunes (if you are subscribed to the podcast, then it will update in iTunes automatically)


    Have a GREAT weekend!


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    Awesome WIR. Thanks cherri and thanks for the free premium thingy (second time I win here at the stacks something) I never win anything. So, props to you all and all the mods. Looks like I gotta invest some of my loot on RIM
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    Great wrap-up Cherri. Don't always need something huge in the news. I'm perfectly happy with the small stuff that addresses big problems. Like the announcment of Fladh support from RIM.
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    Thanks, Cherri! We all appreciate the work you put into this every week!

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