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TGIF everyone! I hope everyone had a great week! Unless you've been hiding under a ... Week In Review forum

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    PinStack Week In Review: Smartphone News, Reviews for April 17, 2009


    TGIF everyone! I hope everyone had a great week! Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know that OS 5.0 (beta) has been leaked for the 9000 and 8900 BlackBerry devices. The beta thread for the Bold, as of this posting, is 294 posts deep. While I pride myself on being the "BlackBerry Master", my install experience didn't go so well (be sure to listen in on the podcast later today for my thoughts) and a few hours after the install, I was downgrading. Enjoy the WIR below .. tons of Smartphone information in ONE place!

    BlackBerry Rumors & News
    First Look: Yahoo! Mobile (Beta) for BlackBerry
    Blackberry Storm 2 due in September, has WiFi
    Apple To blackberry, RIM Hires Mac OS X Designer
    BGR Hands on: OS 5.0 on the Bold
    Cabinet data on stolen BlackBerry
    BlackBerry Storm Gets Firmware Update
    Migrate to Hosted Exchange and BlackBerry for Free Through Apps4Rent
    BlackBerry Consumers Experienced E-mail Outage Yesterday
    BlackBerry OS 5.0 for the Bold and Curve 8900 Leaks Out

    iPhone Rumors & News

    Windows Mobile Rumors & News
    Microsoft’s reversals on policy puzzle customers and competitors
    HTC's Latest Smartphone Prioritizes E-Mail

    Palm OS Rumors & News
    You can keep using your Palm OS apps on your new Palm Pre!
    A First Look at Palm's New Pre Smartphone
    Palm Pre spotted in San Francisco

    Android Rumors & News
    T-Mobile hints at April 21 launch event
    Android OS 1.5 on its way! Developers, Download Android 1.5 Early Look SDK

    Other Smartphone Rumors & News
    Upcoming 3G Launches for TMO
    Batteries Can't Keep Up With Smartphones
    All Things Digital: The Smartphone Wars

    Smartphone Applications/Accessories

    Private Beta for new app SmartAlerts by Bellshare
    SmartAlerts allows you to create individual alerts by defining filters on e-mails, SMS, calendar events and missed calls. Already updated this morning, new updates include: - Complete re-design of alert item edit screen to make it cleaner and easier to understand
    - Added welcomes screen to explain basics
    - Added menu item to toggle tooltips
    - Increased tooltip delay to make them less obstrusive
    - Moved 'Edit Profiles' from main screen to menu
    - Fixed homescreen icon on Storm

    Google Android support for Zeemote JS1 wireless controller
    It has just been announced that the Zeemote JS1 controller now works with the Google Android phone. The Zeemote JS1 is a controller that is a small and responsive and wireless device. This device features a thumb stick and four trigger buttons. So if you love gaming on your phone then you are going to want to get this great little gadget. Check out the clip in the original article for more information.

    Gmail gets a new engine for iPhone and Android-powered devices
    Today, Google announced improvements made to Gmail for mobile, running in the iPhone and Android web browser. First, you'll notice that it's a lot faster when performing actions like opening an email, navigating, or searching. And if the data network drops out on you, rest assured that Gmail won't. You'll still be able to open recently read messages and to compose over a flaky, or non-existent, network connection. All this is achieved with aggressive caching and by leveraging new browser technologies, like HTML5 and Gears.

    RoadSync for Android, PUSH email and more: FREE Beta Available Now!
    No April fools jokes here! DataViz has released a beta of its acclaimed Exchange ActiveSync application, RoadSync, for Android smartphones like the T-Mobile G1. RoadSync, which hit the Android Market today, will be free in Beta form through the end of May, 2009. For folks using Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 or 2007, the beta will support, push email, and syncing of contacts. Additional details include: Distinction between read/unread, and priority status, Reply, reply-all, forward (along with CC and BCC), Cut, copy, paste, Download attachments and attach files to new messages, Syncing contact pictures, Separate grouping for exchange contacts (to keep separate from Google contacts and others), And more!

    Documents To Go for Android: Now Available
    Documents To Go is now available for purchase in the Android Market! Now you can view, edit, and create Microsoft Word and Excel files and attachments (including the 2007 formats) on your T-Mobile G1, HTC Dream and HTC Magic.
    Lots of additional info and some great screenshots on the DataViz website. You can get your hands on Documents To Go for Android in the Android Market right now for a special intro price of $19.99.

    Amazon App for BlackBerry
    Here are a few of the features:
    Shop from over 40 product categories available from and other merchants
    Access your Amazon account, wish list, order history, track shipments, and more
    Gold Box deal of the day, 1-click ordering
    Amazon Remembers, a new way to find items. Snap a pic, upload to amazon and it finds similar items...can't wait to play with this feature
    All orders processed on Amazon's secure servers

    Callpod Debuts Keeper, Mobile Password Storage System for the iPhone
    Callpod, an emerging innovator in premium mobile accessories and software applications for professionals, has launched Keeper, its first mobile software application for Smartphones. Currently available for the iPhone, Keeper allows users to quickly and easily store all sensitive passwords, notes, lists and other personal information in a safe and secure environment. Keeper allows users to fully search, index and protect information with multi-layer encryption. Keeper stores secret passwords and sensitive information on the user’s device (e.g. iPhone, Blackberry or Google Phone) and backed up on your PC/Mac rather than online keeping valuable information safer. If the user’s Smartphone is lost or stolen, the sensitive information stored in Keeper is protected with 128-bit military-grade AES encryption.

    Truphone Turns iPod Touch Into A Phone
    Described by Apple itself as the “funnest” iPod ever, the iPod touch may now be the “useful-est,” too, thanks to free software—Truphone for iPod Touch —that effectively turns one into a mobile phone. Not only is the software free, but calls made using Truphone’s application for the iPod touch are also free—just in time to save precious cash when making those holiday calls to friends and family. Once installed, and with the addition of a microphone adaptor (Truphone microphone adaptor available soon), iPod touch owners can make free calls—no matter where they are in the world—to other iPod touch owners, to customers of Truphone’s Internet telephony service and to users of Google Talk instant messaging service.

    Twikini Beta: Twitter on the go from your Windows phone
    Twikini offers a powerful and efficient way to use Twitter on your phone. It conveniently updates your favorite feeds in the background, and leverages the camera, GPS, media, touch screen, keyboard, graphics and storage capabilities of your device.
    Twikini is currently in public beta - you're welcome to download and use it for free.
    Our goal is to make Twikini the best designed Twitter app for Windows devices in the world.

    Main Features
    FAST! Unlike other Twitter apps for Windows Mobile, Twikini is written entirely in native C++ code for maximum performance and the fastest load time possible.
    Simple, uncluttered, and customizable user interface. Choose from a variety of themes for the best reading experience.
    Post tweets using a full screen editor. Optionally, set your location (either manually or using GPS) along with your status updates.
    Twitpic integration to post photos with your status updates. Select existing photos or click new ones from your device's camera.
    Read status updates just like browsing a web page. Quickly reply, retweet, favorite, or email other people's tweets.
    Windows Media Player integration. Automatically tweet the song and artist you're listening to.
    Single download that is compatible with all Windows Mobile devices - both touch and non-touch.

    iBend Portable iPod or iPhone Stand that Will Fit in Your Wallet
    Sometimes you just don’t want to hold your iPhone or iPod Touch to view something or lug around yet another device to accomplish this task. The iBend is the portable stand that can easily fit on a pull down tray on a plane, at your desk or on any surface in a guests home. It will hold your device in place without it falling and can easily store in your wallet. Available in either black or white. The best part is the price for $4.99.

    iSkin Debuts New Color for solo FX Cases
    The newly hatched purple solo FX from iSkin gives your beloved iPhone 3G a seductive makeover with "vive" the latest color addition to the line up. Arriving just in time for spring fashion, the new iSkin solo FX comes with mirror finished protective screen film for a completely unique and glamorous look.

    GVdialer Application for Google Voice Released
    MobileMax has today launched the GVdialer ( - The first mobile application for Google Voice supporting iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian mobile phones.

    The new GVdialer application enables users to make calls using their Google Voice account directly from their mobile phone's native contacts, call log and keypad.
    Users can download the application to their mobile phones from the website or from the iTunes app store, and enjoy many great features such as:
    One number – Present the Google number as the Caller ID on outgoing mobile calls and keep the mobile number private.
    Simple calling - Dial directly from the phone's contacts, speed dial, call log or keypad, and GVdialer automatically connects the call using Google Voice.
    Cost saving - Set the Google Number as a favorite number on the mobile plan and stop paying for local and national long distance calls. Take advantage of Google’s low rates for international calls.
    Google Voice access – get instant access to Google Voice features like Voice mail, Inbox, GOOG-411
    Customizable – GVdialer gives the user the flexibility to configure when GV will be used – e.g., all calls, international calls, or decide on each and every call.

    Voice Emails, Notes and More on the BlackBerry
    CellSpin Soft is now available from the BlackBerry App World for the BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Bold, as well as the Curve and Pearl phones. The live mobile blogging application allows users to capture images, audio, video and text and publish them to blogging, social networking, photo sharing and auction sites easily and quickly. It also allows you to send voice emails and record digital voice notes.

    FitSync is Best Selling/Highest Rated Fitness App in Google Android Market
    FitSync Corp., patent holder for workout tracking on PDAs, mobile phones and other handheld devices, announced today that FitSync for Android is the best selling and highest rated health and fitness app in the Google Android Market. This follows FitSync's selection as an Apple "Staff Pick" and "Featured Web App" in the Sports category for iPhone. FitSync for Android extends FitSync's innovative integration of mobile workout tools with its online portal where users can network with fellow healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, fitness and healthcare professionals, and other resources via handheld devices and the Internet. FitSync is also available for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows Mobile, Palm and Java powered devices.

    New Twitter client for BlackBerry

    PinStacker Reviews
    Review: QuickLaunch! by Toddboy71

    PinStack Contest Giveaways & Discount Codes

    GigaTribe Exclusive Offer for PinStack's Smartphone Professionals.
    We've secured the following offer from gigaTRIBE just for you. This is NOT a paid promo and PinStack does not receive commission for sign ups.
    GigaTribe is a FREE software community, with a paid “Ultimate Version” for $29.99/year (or $4.99/month), that lets you share entire file folders of photos, videos, music, and other files with your 'tribe' of friends, family, and coworkers quickly and securely in a private, completely encrypted peer to peer (P2P) environment.

    Code activation
    First step: install the software.(You may download GigaTribe here)
    Second step: Create your username within the software.
    Last step: enter your GigaTribe username with the promo code: P3MPSK
    We thought you'd find this service useful.

    The BerryWeather Winners are!!!
    BerryWeather Winners list....(View Giveaway entries)
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    All winners will receive a PM tomorrow with details for collecting the full BerryWeather app. Don't miss it!

    If you missed it, check out my theme roundup below for all the NEW free BlackBerry themes here on PinStack!
    PinStack Theme Round Up - FREE Downloads


    PScast: Episode 11 ... Final Thoughts -- CTIA 2009

    This episode includes:
    WIR recap
    Site Announcements
    Final Thoughts on International CTIA 2009

    Episode 10
    low bitrate (11mb) -- download straight from your BB browser
    standard bitrate (44mb) -- don't forget accessible on your Berry thru Opera Mini

    Listen on iTunes (not updated, as of posting ... if you are subscribed to the podcast, then it will update in itunes automatically)


    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Cya on the Stacks!

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    Thanks, Cherri! Great review since I missed a few days on the Stacks!

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    Thanks Cherri that is a whole bunch of information to digest. Doesn't seem that much one at a time but when you bunch it together it's a whole different spin

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    Thanks for another great review C....a whole lot of things going on this week.

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